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New College Notes (ISSN 2517-6935) is the College’s e-journal.

New College Notes is dedicated to learned notes and essays on aspects of college history and especially our Library and Archives collections in the style of the Oxford journal Notes & Queries.

New College Notes is available open-access to all interested readers through our website.  Both the current and past issues of New College Notes will remain accessible via this page.

Anyone wishing to contact or to contribute to this journal should email the Librarian.  Readers of our special collections in both the Library and in the Archives are warmly invited to send us contributions.   

General enquiries about consulting Library collections, including the manuscripts listed in H.O. Coxe, Catalogus codicum MSS. qui in collegiis aulisque Oxoniensibus hodie adservantur (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1852), should also be directed to the Librarian, or for material relating to the College to the Archivist.

Article Author Issue number Surname
Cyprian in England James Willoughby (2019): 11 Willloughby
A Book with a Price in the World: New College MS 274 Jenny Adams (2019): 11 Adams
The Story of One Year in the Early Life of New College Brian Collins (2019): 11 Collins
The Education of an Elizabethan Gentleman: Sir Alexander Temple at Oxford John Matthews (2019): 11 Matthews
New College Library Benefactors’ Book 1611-1615 Anna-Lujz Gilbert (2019): 11 Gilbert
The British Civil Wars and the Defence of Oxford David Parrott (2019): 11 Parrott
The Two Euclids of Daniel Appleford (d. 1645) William Poole (2019): 11 Poole
A Mathematical Chaplain: The Books of Richard Bestwick William Poole (2019): 11 Poole
Nephew Bill Goes to Sea Jennifer Thorp (2019): 11 Thorp
‘Form! form! Riflemen form!’: The Oxford University Rifle Volunteer Corps in New College Archives Jason Morgan (2019): 11 Morgan
The Bets of G. H. Hardy Joseph Conlon (2019): 11 Conlon
New College’s Irish Airman Joseph Conlon (2018): 10 Conlon
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