New College Notes (ISSN 2517-6935)

The scholarly e-journal of New College, Oxford

New College Notes—the scholarly e-journal of New College, Oxford—is dedicated to research articles and learned notes on the history and life of the college, and especially the contents and history of the rich collections in our Library and Archives.

New College Notes is edited by the Librarian of New College, Dr Christopher Skelton-Foord.  Anyone wishing to contact or to contribute to this journal should email him.  Readers of our special collections in both the Library and in the Archives are warmly invited to send us contributions. 

The journal is available open-access to all interested readers through our website.  Both the current and past issues of New College Notes will remain accessible via this page.

Article Author Issue number Surname
A Book with a Price in the World: New College MS 274 Jenny Adams (2019): 11 Adams
A Changing World: Sebastian Münster’s Cosmographia from 1544—BT3.187.1(2) William Shire (2021): 16 Shire
A Fifteenth-Century Bookman James Willoughby (2012): 02 Willoughby
A Hard Day for the Scribe of MS 66, a Wycliffite Bible in New College, Oxford John Zachariah Shuster (2018): 10 Shuster
A Lamentable Book James Willoughby (2018): 09 Willoughby
A Library about New College: Noteworthy Acquisitions in 2022 Christopher Skelton-Foord (2022): 18 Skelton-Foord
A Marginal Follower of Fashion James Willloughby (2013): 03 Willoughby
A Mathematical Chaplain: The Books of Richard Bestwick William Poole (2019): 11 Poole
A Medieval Binding James Willoughby (2012): 02 Willoughby
A Medieval Travel Warrant Jennifer Thorp (2016): 07 Thorp
A New Acquisition: Christophorus Longolius’s Copy of the 1511 Parisian Edition of the Corpus Juris Civilis William Poole (2013): 04 Poole
A New College Pun Revisited Miles Young (2018): 09 Young
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