The section contains information about who to speak to if you need administrative help, or don't know where to direct your query.


The Team

The Academic Offices deal with all academic administrative matters in College. They are based at the top of Staircase 4 Old Buildings.


Academic Registrar

Freyja Madsen

Freyja is the first point of contact for any student with queries about Academic Life. She is also a member of the Welfare Team, the College's Disability Support Co-ordinator, and one of the College's Harassment Officers.

Freyja Madsen


Deans’ and College Officers’ Secretary

Jacqui Julier

Jacqui provides secretarial support to the Decanal team, Sub-Warden, SCR Steward and the Pictures & Chattels Fellow. Please get in touch with her if you have any queries on the College treasures or chattels, or if you are seeking photography of any of the College's objects or artwork.

Photo of Jacqui Julier


Head of Outreach & Communications

Daniel Powell

Daniel is responsible for coordinating and managing the College’s strategic approach to its outreach work, including managing New College's involvement in the Outreach Consortium Oxford for Wales. Along with Shelby, he also plans and delivers the College’s exciting Step Up programme. If you are a state-school teacher and have any questions about potentially joining Step Up, or are interested in working with New College in the future, please contact Daniel

Daniel Powell


Outreach Officer

Shelby Holmes

Shelby works alongside Daniel on Outreach activities, principally the Step Up programmePlease get in touch if you would like to arrange a school visit to New College, or are interested in keeping in touch. 

Shelby Holmes


Communications Coordinator

Misha Brazier Tope

Misha is responsible for the College's communications, including managing the website and social media channels.

Misha Brazier Tope


Admissions Administrator

Janaina Dal Zotto Boff

The Admissions Administrator is the first point of contact for any potential applicants with questions about admissions to New College. 



Student Services Officer

Felicity Reeves

Felicity deals with visiting student administration, graduations, most student & schools dinner invitations, academic transcripts & student confirmation letters, as well as Freshers' week administration.

Felicity Reeves


Student Welfare and Staff Support Officer

Camilla Gray

Milly helps everyone.



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