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Books and pamphlets about New College, Oxford and Winchester College



Scope and Use of the Collection

New College Library’s Colleges of St Mary Winton Collection holds around 200 books, pamphlets, and journal article off-prints relating to the life and history of the two linked educational institutions, dedicated to the Virgin Mary, founded by William of Wykeham (13241404).  Winchester College was founded in 1382 as the feeder school for New College, Oxford, founded in 1379; this double foundation provided the model for King Henry VI’s subsequent founding of Eton College (1440) and King’s College, Cambridge (1441), New College’s sister college.

New College and Winchester share the same motto, “Manners Makyth Man”, devised by William of Wykeham, as well as the same crest.

The Collection is a closed-access one; items cannot be browsed on open shelves, but should be requested in person via the Library Office or by sending an email request.  Some of the items are borrowable, and some are confined to usage within the Library only.


Provide Feedback and Suggest New Resources

If you would like to make a comment about the Colleges of St Mary Winton Collection, or you wish to suggest new books or pamphlets to be added to the Collection, you are invited to contact the Librarian.  The Library aims to acquire new items published about both New College and Winchester College and also seeks to backfill its holdings by acquiring appropriate modern antiquarian items as well.



Items in the Collection bear shelfmarks beginning OX1/.  They form part of the larger Local History collection held by New College Library.


Further Information

New College Archives constitute the principal repository of historical archival materials relating to the foundation of the College, and the running of the College and its estates, up to the present day.  Most of New College’s older archives are described in: Francis SteerThe Archives of New College, Oxford: A Catalogue (London: Phillimore, 1974).  Similarly, the principal repository for Winchester are the Winchester College Archives

Both New College and Winchester College also provide resources relating to their current affairs and their history in publications accessible via their websites:

A useful guide to New College's buildings and their history is also freely available online: ‘New College’, in An Inventory of the Historical Monuments in the City of Oxford (London: Her Majesty's Stationery Office, 1939), pp. 84-91.


OX1/COO About Winchester College by A. K. Cook, to Which is Prefixed De Collegio Wintoniensi, by Robert Mathew (1917)
OX1/BLA The Black Book of Winchester: (British Museum, Additional MS. 6036) (1925)
OX1/BUR All From the Same Place: Portraits of Twenty-Five Remarkable Old Wykehamists (2010)
OX1/TAL An Address by the Lord Bishop of Winchester in New College Chapel at the Commemoration of the Founder and the Celebration of the Re-opening of the Chapel on October 14, 1879: Being the Five Hundredth Year from the Foundation of the College (1879)
OX1/FUR The Ancient Usages of the City of Winchester: From the Anglo-French Version Preserved in Winchester College (1927)
OX1/LEE Ad Sustentacionem Fidei Christiani: Sacred Music and Ceremony in Medieval Oxford (1999)
OX1/KIR Annals of Winchester College: From its Foundation in the Year 1382 to the Present Time: with an Appendix Containing the Charter of Foundation, Wykeham’s Statutes of 1400, and Other Documents and an Index (1892)
OX1/WIN(2) An Answer to an Anonymous Letter to Dr. Lowth;: Concerning the Late Election of a Warden of Winchester College (1759)
OX1/HAN An Appeal for Justice: The Life of Dr. Henry Bathurst Lord Bishop of Norwich, 1744-1837 (1992)
OX1/BRO(2) Appendix to Mr. Brougham’s Letter: Containing Minutes of Evidence Taken Before the Education Committee (1818)
OX1/STE The Archives of New College, Oxford: A Catalogue (1974)
OX1/BRO Bernwood: The Life and Afterlife of a Forest (1997)
OX1/MAD Bibliography to the Mushri Dictionary: Featuring the Late E.D.A. Morshead Master at Winchester College (1935)
OX1/EMD A Biographical Register of the University of Oxford, A.D. 1501 to 1540 (1974)
OX1/BAR Bookbinder: Journal of the Society of Bookbinders and Book Restorers (volume 30, 2016) -- includes Glenn Bartley, ‘A Library Benefaction Book: Spot the Typo’
OX1/NEW Carols [compilation of texts from: “Oxford Carol Book”, “The Cowley Carol Book”, and other sources; for use in New College Chapel] (19??)
OX1/NEW Cartae de Fundatione Collegii Beatae Mariae Wynton in Oxon, A.D. MCCCLXXIX (1879)
OX1/FFO A Carved Flemish Chest at New College, Oxford (1914)
OX1/CAT Catalogue of Books Bequeathed by Thomas Fowler, D.D., President of Corpus Christi College, Oxford and Sometime Wykeham Professor of Logic to the Wykeham Chair of Logic (1906)
OX1/HOB A Catalogue of “Manorial Documents” Preserved in the Muniment Room of New College, Oxford (1929)
OX1/WES Cathedral Organists Past and Present: A Record of the Succession of Organists of the Cathedrals, Chapels Royal, and Principal Collegiate Churches of the United Kingdom, From About the Period of the Reformation until the Present Day (1899)
OX1/GOO Chartulary of Winchester Cathedral (1927)
OX1/FUR City Government of Winchester: From the Records of the XIV & XV Centuries (1923)
OX1/WIN A Collection of the Words of Anthems, Psalms, & Hymns, for the Use of the Choir of St. Mary Winton College (1867)
OX1/LEE College 1901 to 1911 (1956?)
OX1/BLO College in the Eighties. By an Old Wykehamist (c. 1935)
OX1/IRV College in the Nineties (1947)
OX1/WOR The College of St. Mary Winton, Near Winchester (1948)
OX1/CHU (copy1) The Communion and Other Services, According to the Use of the Church of England (1879?)
OX1/CHU (copy2) The Communion and Other Services, According to the Use of the Church of England (1879?)
OX1/RAY (v.11 ONLY) The Compleat Imbiber: An Entertainment (volume 11)
OX1/MAL Concinamus, Cautica quadam seculis bene naturata in usum Wiecaucoricum (1923)
OX1/JAC Country Life (volume 165, number 4266, 12 April 1979)
OX1/JAC Country Life (volume 165, number 4267, 19 April 1979)
OX1/NEW Country Life (volume 213, numbers 4243, 1623 October 2019)
OX1/WIN(1) A Defence of the Conduct of the Warden of Winchester College in Accepting that Wardenship (1759)
OX1/OGD Diamonds: An Early History of the King of Gems (2018)
OX1/DIS (issue 5) Discovering Antiques
OX1/PRI ‘Domum’: The Word (1934)
OX1/DIL Dr. Moberly’s Mint-Mark: A Study of Winchester College (1965)
OX1/RON Drawings of New College, Oxford (1906)
OX1/BOD Duke Humfrey and English Humanism in the Fifteenth Century: Catalogue of an Exhibition Held in the Bodleian Library, Oxford (1970)
OX1/WIN Eight Perspectives from the Fellows’ Library (2017)
OX1/HOP The Episcopal Ornaments of William of Wykeham and William of Waynfleet, Sometime Bishops of Winchester, and of Certain Bishops of St. Davids (1907)
OX1/TAY Epwell, a Village with a History (1977)
OX1/MON Evensong and Morwe Song (1908)
OX1/HUN Excavations on the City Defences in New College, Oxford, 1949 (1951)
OX1/REN An Exhibition Fund as War Memorial (1918?)
OX1/KIR An Extended Transcript of the Charter of Foundation, Dated October 20, 1382: And Other Instruments of St. Mary College of Winchester Near Winchester, Commonly Called Winchester College (1882)
OX1/NEW A Facsimile of Five Pages from the Book of the Steward of the Hall [New College] for the Year 1386-7 (1886)
OX1/GIL The Farm of the Monks (2017?)
OX1/POO Geometry and Astronomy in New College, Oxford: On the Quatercentenary of the Savilian Professorships 1619-2019 (2019)
OX1/STO George Isaac Huntingford: Warden of Winchester College, 1789-1832, Bishop of Gloucester, 1802, Bishop of Hereford, 1815 (1970)
OX1/WIC The Glory of Service: An Address Delivered in New College Chapel on June 22, 1898, on the Occasion of the Opening of the Alfred Robinson Memorial Tower (1898)
OX1/GRE (t.1) Gregorii Ariminensis OESA Lectura Super Primum et Secundum Sententiarum (1979)
OX1/BRA Harry Peckham’s Tour (2008)
OX1/WIN The Headmasters’ Shields (1913)
OX1/MIL An Historical and Critical Account of Winchester Cathedral, with an Engraved View and Ichnographical Plan of that Fabric. Extracted from the Rev. Mr. Milner’s History and antiquities of Winchester. To Which is Added, a Review of its Modern Monuments (1801)
OX1/BRA Historic Winchester, England’s First Capital (1884)
OX1/CHU (no.19) History of the English Speaking Peoples: Based on the Text of ‘A History of the English-Speaking Peoples’ by Sir Winston Churchill
OX1/BUS The History of Winchester Cathedral (1980?)
OX1/LEA A History of Winchester College (1899)
OX1/FEL A History of Winchester Cricket (1930)
OX1/NEW Hymns for Use in New College Chapel (1900)
OX1/HYM Hymns for Use in New College Chapel (1911)
OX1/GAL I’m Glad I Exist: Forty Favourite Poems and Songs [chosen by the families of New College School] (2021)
OX1/WIN(5) An Impartial By-Stander’s Review of the Controversy Concerning the Wardenship of Winchester College (1759)
OX1/CLA(2) The Independence of the Universities and Colleges of Oxford and Cambridge (1838)
OX1/CHI An Index of Names of Winchester Scholars in the “Dictionary of National Biography” (1901)
OX1/LUC Injunction Made and Issued to the Abbess and Convent of the Monastery of Romsey after his Visitation by William of Wykeham, A.D. 1387 (1949)
OX1/WIN Inscriptiones Wiccamicae (1885)
OX1/HOY Isaac Barrow: His Life and Legacy (2010)
OX1/DAY John Harmar: Translator (2016)
OX1/DEW De Kist van Oxford (1980)
OX1/WIN(6) The Law and Equity of the Late Appointment of a Warden of Winchester Considered (1759)
OX1/BRO(5) A Letter to H. Brougham, Esq. M.P. F.R.S. in Reply to the Strictures on Winchester College, contained in his letter to Samuel Romilly, M.P. (1818)
OX1/CLA(1) A Letter to H. Brougham, Esq. M.P. F.R.S. in Reply to the Strictures on Winchester College, contained in his letter to Samuel Romilly, M.P. (1818)
OX1/BRO(6) A Letter to Henry Brougham, Esq., M.P., on Certain Clauses in the Education Bills Now Before Parliament (1820)
OX1/BRO(1) A Letter to Sir Samuel Romilly, M.P., from Henry Brougham, Esq. M.P.F.R.S., upon the Abuse of Charities (1818)
OX1/BRO(4) A Letter to the Right Hon. Sir Wm. Scott, &c. &c. M.P. for the University of Oxford, in Answer to Mr Brougham’s Letter to Sir Samuel Romilly, upon the Abuse of Charities, and Ministerial Patronage in the Appointments under the Late Act (1818)
OX1/WIN(4) A Letter to the Reverend Dr. Lowth, Prebendary of Durham; in Vindication of the Conduct of the Fellows of New College in Oxford, in their Late Election of a Warden of Winchester (1758)
OX1/MOB Life of William of Wykeham, Sometime Bishop of Winchester and Lord High Chancellor of England: With Appendices (1887)
OX1/AYR A Little Book of Recipes of New College Two Hundred Years Ago (1922)
OX1/CHI Medal-Speaking at Winchester College, 1761-1815 (1905)
OX1/TOM The Mediaeval Face (1974)
OX1/PIT Mediaeval Sculptures at Winchester College (1932)
OX1/ALE Medieval Perspectives (volume 9)
OX1/WHI Medieval Portrait Busts at New College, Oxford (1973)
OX1/HAR The Mint Julep (1975)
OX1/BUR More From the Same Place: Portraits of Twenty Remarkable Old Wykehamists (2001)
OX1/HAI My Contemporaries in College (1937?)
OX1/JON New College (1966)
OX1/RAS New College -- Oxford University College Histories: New (1901)
OX1/TYE New College (2010)
OX1/WAR New College [offprint from an unknown source] (18??)
OX1/WIN A Note Concerning Some Shields (1913)
OX1/BUX New College: A Note on the Garden (1976)
OX1/NEW New College: List of Undergraduates Resident or Absent on Military Duty, Michaelmas Term, 1914 (1914)
OX1/NEW New College: The New Library [offprint from an unknown source] (200?)
OX1/EDM New College Brats: A History of the Life and Education of the Choristers of New College, Oxford (1996)
OX1/POO New College Library Through Time (2018)
OX1/PRI New College Oxford (1906)
OX1/NEW New College Roll of Service (1920)
OX1/NEW New College Roll of Service (1920?)
OX1/JEN New College School, Oxford: A History (2013)
OX1/GEO New College, 1856-1906 (1906)
OX1/NEW New College, Oxford: Dedication of the Memorial to the Members of the College who Laid down their Lives in the War, 1914-1919 (1921)
OX1/BUX New College, Oxford, 1379-1979 (1979)
OX1/SMI New College, Oxford, and its Buildings (1952)
OX1/OGG New England and New College, Oxford: A Link in Anglo-American Relations (1937)
OX1/WIN Noctes Shaksperianæ: A Series of Papers by Late and Present Members (1887)
OX1/WIN A Note Concerning Some Shields (1913)
OX1/KIR On Some Fifteenth-Century Drawings of Winchester College, New College, Oxford, etc.: Communicated to the Society of Antiquaries (1892)
OX1/HAL The Organs of New College Oxford (2015?)
OX1/GUN Oxford Gardens: Based Upon Daubeny’s Popular Guide to the Physick Garden of Oxford: With Notes on the Gardens of the Colleges and on the University Park (1912)
OX1/OXF Oxford Today: The University Magazine (volume 16, number 1, Michaelmas 2003)
OX1/NEW Oxford University Roll of Service 1914-1917
OX1/NEW New College Record (1917)
OX1/WOO Parson Woodforde Society Journal (volume 11, number 2; volume 12, numbers 1 & 3; volume 20, number 4)
OX1/FEA The Passing of Old Winchester (1936)
OX1/EDM Patronage and Privilege in Education: A Devon Boy Goes to School, 1798 (1978)
OX1/BRO(7) Plain Thoughts on the Abstract of Mr. Brougham’s Education Bill, Humbly Submitted to the Consideration of the British Legislature (1821)
OX1/BLO Poems & Fragments by Wykehamists of Five Centuries (1938)
OX1/COX The Prayer-Book Epistles Paraphrased in Verse (1846)
OX3/OUL Printing at the University Press, Oxford 1660-1780 (2015)
OX1/WOO Progress Notes of Warden Woodward for the Wiltshire Estates of New College, Oxford, 1659-1675 (1969)
OX1/RIC The Progress Notes of Warden Woodward Round the Oxfordshire Estates of New College, Oxford, 1659-1675 (1949)
OX1/HOL A Proposal for Printing an “Address Book” of “Old Wykehamists” and for the Foundation of a Wykehamical Society: Written at Dr. Fearon’s Request in June 1898, for Him to Put Before Masters at Winchester (1900)
OX1/HIG The Promotion of William of Wickham to See of Winchester (1953?)
OX1/LEE The Public Schools Question: and Other Essays on Subjects Connected with Secondary Education (1948)
OX1/WIN The Quincentenary of Winchester College: Report of the Proceedings at the Commemoration of Laying the Foundation Stone on Saturday the 26th of March, 1887 (1887)
OX1/AYR Ralph Ayres’ Cookery Book (2006)
OX1/RIC Recollections of the Two St. Mary Winton Colleges [Winchester College and New College, Oxford], by an Old Wykehamist [E.J.G.H. Rich] (1883)
OX1/FIR Rendall of Winchester: The Life and Witness of a Teacher (1954)
OX1/WIN(3) A Reply to Dr. Golding’s and Dr. Lowth’s Answers to the Anonymous Letter (1759)
OX1/BRO(8) A Reply to Mr. Brougham’s “Practical Observations Upon the Education of the People Addressed to the Working Classes and Their Employers” (1825)
OX1/PHI A Report of an Appeal to the Lord Bishop of Winchester,: Visiter of the Two St. Mary Winston Colleges. Promoted by William Augustus Hare ... Against the Election to the Vacant Scholarships, at Winchester and New College in 1829. Argued in October and November 1831 (1839)
OX1/HOL A Roll of Names and Addresses of “Old Wykehamists” (1900)
OX1/WYK Rules and Lists of Members [of the Old Wykehamist Golfing Society] (1933)
OX1/HAW Saint Catharine’s Hill Winchester (1930)
OX1/ISB Scheme for the Management and Regulation of the Almshouses of John Izbury at Lamborne, in the County of Berks and for the Application of the Income Thereof.  Approved by Order of the Board of Charity Commissioners for England and Wales, Dated 24th March, 1899 (1899?)
OX1/MAN School-Life at Winchester College or, The Reminiscences of a Winchester Junior: With a Glossary of Words, Phrases, and Customs, Peculiar to Winchester College (1866)
OX1/NEW Six Centuries of an Oxford College: Architectural and Topographical Drawings and Prints of New College, 1379-1979 (1979)
OX1/KOL Some Aspects of the West Window of New College Chapel, Oxford (1990)
OX1/JOH Some Winchester Letters of Lionel Johnson (1919)
OX1/BLO Some Wykehamists of the 18th Century (1944)
OX1/SHU The Speaker’s Chaplain & the Master’s Daughter: A Georgian Family & Friends (2015)
OX1/OPH Stained Glass: A Brief Guide to “One of the Finest Collections of Stained Glass Anywhere in the World” in the Churches and College Chapels of the City and University of Oxford (1994)
OX1/WOO The Stained Glass of New College, Oxford (1951)
OX1/GOO The Statutes Governing the Cathedral Church of Winchester: Given by King Charles I (1925)
OX1/RAN The Story of Music at Winchester College, 1394-1969 (1970)
OX1/FEA Sunday Mornings at Winchester: Some Addresses on Church History (1901)
OX1/BLO Thomas Cheyney, Wykehamist: Dean of Winchester, 1748-1760 (1950)
OX1/WAR Thomas Warton’s Notes, & Corrections to His History of Winchester College, & Cathedral Printed in 1750 : From His Own Printed Copy in the Possession of Sir Thomas Phillipps, Bart. 1857 (1857)
OX1/NEW The Treasures of New College Oxford (195?)
OX1/SHA Turner’s Watercolour Explorations 1810-1842 (1997)
OX1/FOR Twenty-One Years of Organ-Building: The History of Degens & Rippin Ltd, Grant, Degens & Rippin Ltd and Grant, Degens & Bradbeer Ltd (1987)
OX1/LYT A University Mentality in the Later Middle Ages: The Pragmatism, Humanism, and Orthodoxie [sic] of New College, Oxford (1980)
OX1/WAR Verses on Sir Joshua Reynolds’s Painted Window at New-College Oxford, 1782 (1930)
OX1/BRO(3) Vindiciae Wykehamicae, or, A Vindication of Winchester College: in a Letter to Henry Brougham, Esq; Occasioned by His Letter to Sir Samuel Romilly, on Charitable Abuses (1818)
OX1/GRE Wansdyke, Excavations 1966 to 1970 (1971)
OX1/FLA Watercolours in Academe (1995)
OX1/KOL Das Westfenster von New College Chapel: Aspekte eines “Picture Window” des Späten 18.JH (1992)
OX1/DEC William of Wykeham als Collegegründer und Bauherr: Architektur und Glasmalerei zur Zeit Richards II (2017)
OX1/WAL William of Wykeham and his Colleges (1852)
OX1/DAV William Wykeham (2007)
OX1/FIR Winchester (1936)
OX1/KIT Winchester (1897)
OX1/PAL Winchester 1900-1905 (1954)
OX1/PAG Winchester: An Illustrated Stroll Through City and College (2005)
OX1/BOL A Winchester Bookshop & Bindery 1729-1991 (1991)
OX1/WAI Winchester College, 1836-1906 : A Register (1907)
OX1/HAR Winchester College, 1867-1920 : A Register (1923)
OX1/LEI Winchester College, 1884-1934: A Register (1940)
OX1/DAV Winchester College and Science (2004)
OX1/SAB Winchester College: After 600 Years, 1382-1982 (1981)
OX1/WIL Winchester College: A Register for the Years 1901 to 1946 (1956)
OX1/LAM Winchester College: A Register for the Years 1915 to 1960 (1974)
OX1/BAD Winchester College: A Register for the Years 1930 to 1975 (1992)
OX1/WIN Winchester College Collections (2020– )
OX1/WIN Winchester College: Its History, Buildings and Customs (1926)
OX1/CUS Winchester College: Sixth-Centenary Essays (1982)
OX1/OLD Winchester College 1393-1893 (1893)
OX1/WIN Winchester College Documents (1913)
OX1/HAR Winchester College Muniments: An Introduction and Index to the Descriptive List by Sheila J. Elliott (1962)
OX1/GEN Winchester College Sixth Centenary 1982: Four Drawings (1982)
OX1/HAR Winchester College Stained Glass (1971)
OX1/WIN Winchester College War Cloister: 31 May, 1924 (1926)
OX1/HOL Winchester Commoners 1800-1835: An Index of the Surnames of Commoners Given on the “Long Rolls” of Winchester College for the Years 1800 to 1835 Inclusive (1893)
OX1/HOL Winchester Commoners 1836-1890: A Register of Commoners Who Have Entered Winchester College from the Commencement of Dr. Moberly’s Headmastership, to the Present Time (1891)
OX1/RAN The Winchester Countryside: A Guide to the Country Surrounding Winchester (1947)
OX1/FUR Winchester in 1867 (1936)
OX1/HOL Winchester Long Rolls, 1653-1721 (1899)
OX1/KIR Winchester Scholars: A List of the Wardens, Fellows, and Scholars of Saint Mary College of Winchester, near Winchester, Commonly Called Winchester College (1888)
OX1/WIN Winchester Word-Book: A Collection of Past and Present Notions (1891)
OX1/TOW Winchester, and a Few Other Compositions, in Prose and Verse (1835)
OX1/BOD Wyclif & His Followers: An Exhibition to Mark the 600th Anniversary of the Death of John Wyclif: December 1984 to April 1985 (1984)
OX1/ADA Wykehamica: A History of Winchester College and Commoners, from the Foundation to the Present Day (1878)
OX1/FEA A Wykehamical Thankoffering: Fundatori Nostro Wiccamicus (1912)
OX1/WYK Wykehamist War Service Record and Roll of Honour (1947)
OX1/BRA Wykehamist War Service Roll (1919)
OX1/WYK Wykehamists Who Died in the War, 1914-1918 -- 4 volumes: v. 1 Containing the names of those who entered the School from 1870 to 1897. -- v. 2 Containing the names of those who entered the School from 1898 to 1904. -- v. 3 Containing the names of those who entered the School from 1905 to 1908. -- v. 4 Containing the names of those who entered the School from 1909 to 1913 (1921)
OX1/KIR Wykeham’s Register -- 2 volumes: v. 1., pt 1. Institutions; pt 2. Ordinations -- v. 2. pt 3. Official instruments ; pt 4. Crown writs and returns (1896-1899)
OX1/SEE ‘Ye Making of ye Mount’: Oxford New College’s Mount Garden Revised (2012)
OX1/BUR Yet More From the Same Place: Portraits of Another Twenty Remarkable Wykehamists (2003)


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