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New Quad
Multi-million pound plan for a new quad

The new buildings will include 108 student rooms on its Savile Road site, with a new entrance created on Mansfield Road.

This is a genuinely exciting plan, creating a stunning piece of architecture, and will for the first time enable us to house all undergraduates who wish to live in College accommodation.
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The Pope Gives Birth: from Giovanni Boccaccio, De mulieribus claris (Bern, 1539), New College Library, BT1.128.23(2), fp. LXXIIIv
New College Notes (ISSN 2517-6935): Issue 9 published
Credit: Bowman Sculpture.  Emily Young, Onyx Bird Head I, Onyx, 2015
Emily Young Exhibition in the New College Cloisters

Thursday, 29 March - Thursday, 27 September 2018

Artists impression of Longwall re-development
Longwall Houses Refurbishment
New College Notes

Seeing the Light: Being the story of Sir Isaac Newton’s prisms and papers and the means by which they came to New College

Isaac Newtons sketch of his experiment
with a camera obscura and two prisms

New College Library, MS361/2
Isaac Newton's sketch of his experiment with a camera obscura and two prisms, New College Library, MS361/2