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Professor Dieter Helm in Garden Quad
Professor Dieter Helm Knighted
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New College and Law Scholarship for BAME Law Graduates

New College is delighted to announce a new scholarship for UK BAME doctoral candidates.

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New College Choir CD Release - John Sheppard's 'Media Vita'

New College Reads To You

Olivia Judson Reads To You

Evolutionary biologist, science journalist, and writer Olivia Judson is an alumna of New College, Oxford, where she took her doctorate in biological sciences. She is perhaps best-known for her acclaimed book, Dr Tatiana’s Sex Advice to All Creation: The Definitive Guide to the Evolutionary Biology of Sex (2002), which was the basis for a subsequent television series.

Here she reads for #NewCollegeReadsToYou from the essay ‘On a Piece of Chalk’ by biologist and science educationist Thomas Henry Huxley (1825–1895), published in Macmillan’s Magazine in 1868.

Olivia is struck by the depth of vision in Huxley’s lecture—how you begin to glimpse how enormous the history of the earth might be, and how recently humans have come . . .

New Quad

Multi-million pound plan for a new quad

The new buildings will include 108 student rooms on its Savile Road site, with a new entrance created on Mansfield Road.

This is a genuinely exciting plan, creating a stunning piece of architecture, and will for the first time enable us to house all undergraduates who wish to live in College accommodation.

New College Choir - Apart/Together

Young Oxford singers from the Choir of New College, Oxford, have joined up with production company, Positive Note, to produce a poignant call for attention, as the pandemic threatens the future of choral music in Britain.

New College Notes

The Long Reach of New College’s Catholic Apologists

In the immediate wake of Henry VIII’s act of supremacy, New College was notable among the Oxford colleges for the continuing strength and quality of its humanist Catholic apologists.  By the early years of Elizabeth I’s reign, most of these had gone abroad or had been imprisoned, and with them went a remarkable tradition of scholarship . . . 


New College Library, Oxford, MS 311B


New College Library and Archives, Oxford
New College Library, Oxford, MS 311B