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New College Library, Oxford, BT1.5.3, plate 20 opening (greyscale)
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Professor Dieter Helm in Garden Quad
Professor Dieter Helm Knighted
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Roopa Farooki Reads To You

The novelist, NHS doctor, and New College alumna—Roopa Farooki—reads for #NewCollegeReadsToYou about New College itself from her wonderful debut novel, Bitter Sweets (Macmillan, 2007).  Here she narrates how Omar Khan—one of the characters in her novel—starts at New College, Oxford as an undergraduate student, living in Holywell Quad.

It barely feels like fiction, Roopa explains.  Very much what Omar felt, as he went in for his first day in College, is what Roopa herself felt.  To this day, she remembers the huge joy she experienced starting at New College.  That feeling, and friends she made then, she has kept with her and carried with her ever since.

New Quad

Multi-million pound plan for a new quad

The new buildings will include 108 student rooms on its Savile Road site, with a new entrance created on Mansfield Road.

This is a genuinely exciting plan, creating a stunning piece of architecture, and will for the first time enable us to house all undergraduates who wish to live in College accommodation.

The Return of the Choristers - Readings and Music for Lent

The Chapel service on Sunday 14th March was the first to feature our wonderful choristers since December and we were delighted to welcome them back. 

The service, Readings and Music for Lent, featured readings from seventeenth-century poet and cleric John Donne. These were read by Professor Peter McCullough, Fellow of Lincoln College and expert on Donne, and introduced by Erica Longfellow, Dean of Divinity. The choir sang motets by Morales, Tallis, Sheppard and Gibbons.

New College Notes

The Palette and Pigments of a Thirteenth-Century Oxford Illuminator

Among the manifold library treasures of New College, Oxford, the thirteenth-century psalter MS 322 occupies a special place both on account of its magnificence and of its historical significance. 


New College Library, Oxford, MS 322, f. 113r


New College Library and Archives, Oxford
New College Library, Oxford, MS 322, f. 113r [detail]