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New College research fellow, University of Oxford Professor of Astrophysics, and the BBC’s “The Sky At Night” presenter, Chris Lintott, continues our #NewCollegeReadsToYou podcast series. Here he is, reading from Jérôme Lalande’s introduction to Bernard Le Bovier de Fontenelle’s Conversations on the Plurality of Worlds, translated by Elizabeth Gunning and published in 1803.

News and Events
Attendees at the BAME Dinner 2020
BAME Dinner 2020 (Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic)
Robert Carlile, The Antiquities of the Cathedral Church of Saint Mary, Carlisle (1795) [pen, ink, & watercolour], New College Library, Oxford, MS 378, f. 17r
New Services from the Library (during COVID-19 restrictions)
The Warden
Update from the Warden
New Quad
Multi-million pound plan for a new quad

The new buildings will include 108 student rooms on its Savile Road site, with a new entrance created on Mansfield Road.

This is a genuinely exciting plan, creating a stunning piece of architecture, and will for the first time enable us to house all undergraduates who wish to live in College accommodation.
New College Notes

Stephen Standish and the Provenance of the New College Astronomicum Cæsareum (1540)

One of New Colleges most visually striking printed books, that came into the hands of the Savilian Professor of Astronomy almost four centuries after its publication . . .

New College Library, Oxford, BT1.70.2, title page


New College Library and Archives, Oxford
Peter Apian, Astronomicum Cæsareum, New College Library, BT1.70.2