University card and Single Sign on (SS0)

If you have a University card you will automatically be assigned a university email address.  Your email account is part of your single sign on account which allows you access to many facilities within the University.  Your single sign on and email username will take the form of unit name plus four numbers - for example newc0000.

Single sign services are run by the Oxford University IT Services 

Your email can be access on line through the web or you can configure an email client like Outlook.  Further details can be obtained from the IT Services website.

We can help you reset any lost passwords for your Single Sign on account but we do not administer or make changes to your account.    If you need to reset your password this must be done in person during our opening hours and you must bring your University card.

Your email address

Your email address is set up using your first name, surname and then unit name for example.

MCR and Academic Staff

MCR members and Academic staff can also request their department to set up an address which is pointed to the same account.  You should contact your department to request this.

Non Academic Staff

If you have a mobile device (iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android Phone etc) OUCS have produced information for connecting many different devices to Nexus on their Mobile Devices Configuration page. Choose the link that most closely resembles your device (eg. iPad users should choose the 'iPhone' link).

Finally, if you wish to connect to Nexus via a regular web browser, just visit and sign in with your SSO username and password. 

Nexus365 email can be accessed via



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