Setting up MFA

Below is a brief summary of MFA.  University IT Service have extensive webpages on MFA

What is MFA?

The University has implemented multi-factor authentication (MFA) for all Oxford Single Sign-On (SSO) users across the University. This means you will be asked to verify your Oxford Single Sign-On (SSO) account using a second factor, such as a code from an app on your phone, text message, or a phone call.

Commonly used Methods

Important things to consider 

  • Set up 2 or more methods, ideally using a different devices for each - this gives you a spare set of keys in case you lose your main method. Don't set up all methods to send codes to one device such as your mobile phone. 
  • The devices you are using - will you be near the landline number if you use that as your main method? or have mobile coverage if using your mobile device?
  • Your default method for MFA can be changed if you wish. 

Locked out of your account?

If you cannot authenticate because you cannot access your account via the methods you have set up, please send a photo of yourself holding your University Card to along with your SSO details.

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