Freshers & Summer Schools Pre-arrival Checklist

1.    Setup Remote Access Account (For University card holders only)

When you have your SSO credentials you should use them to register for a Remote Access Account at this website address: 

Your Remote Access Account username and password will allow you to connect to the Eduroam Wi-Fi network at New College and all around the University campus.  Further information found here:    

2.    Device checklist

To ensure you can authenticate onto the network make sure:
•    you have up-to-date virus software installed even if you have an Apple Mac. Sophos can be downloaded from the University here:
•    your devices have up-to-date service packs and updates installed (this includes phones and tablets)
•    you have a firewall that is enabled 
•    your IP settings are set to automatic DHCP for IP and DNS addresses.   

Please also note that Operating systems prior to Windows 10 and Mac OS 10.12 (latest version of Monterey) will not be permitted onto the network.

Failure to complete any of the checklists will result in delays connecting to the networks.

3.   IT Rules and Regulations 

All users of the College network should adhere to the IT Rules and regulations.

4.   Hardware Advice

Bring An Ethernet cable

You should connect to the wired network from your room. It's more reliable than wifi especially for Teams calls and video conferencing.

Games consoles can be connected to wired or the NewcWifi network, but you will need to send the MAC address of the network interfaces to along with your SSO username so we can register them.

Backing up data

Make sure you keep regular backups of your work and data, via Cloud storage or an external Hard Drive.

What to Leave at Home

Wireless base stations or other routers are not permitted in College.

College Facilities


Wireless network access is available throughout the college campus. Further information can be found here  You can connect to either:

Newcwifi is the recommended College network to use around New College and uses your SSO credentials OR the credentials you are given as a Summer School student. MAKE SURE PRIVATE MAC IS SWITCHED OFF in your wifi settings. The password is ShovingLeopard

Eduroam (available for all University card holders) using your Remote Access Account credentials.  On the University IT Services pages you can find an Eduroam configuration guide and a helpful configuration tool which you can download.

Ethernet is also available throughout College in all common rooms, teaching rooms and accommodation.  During term time Ethernet leads can be requested via email.  You will be batteled £5.  Please follow the instructions on how to connect via Ethernet on our Networking page.

Intranet - SharePoint

The SharePoint HUB is a good place to find links and resources to general college and student information..  You will need your SSO credentials to login.  If you do not have permissions to certain sub sites or pages please request it via the SharePoint site.

Work spaces 

  • JCR - 2NB ground Floor with a printer
  • JCR - workspaces and a printer
  • MCR - work area with a printer
  • Library - Printer in main staircases

Personal computers

If you need advice concerning a problem with your personal computer email  

The IT Department have JCR and MCR laptops for short term loan (subject to availability).   These are on a first come first served basis and are of limited quantity.    Students are liable for damage to the loan equipment and will be batteled for the cost of replacement or repair to loan equipment. email to request one.


Printers are available in the common rooms and in the computer room in 2OB (ground floor).  Students with SSO credentials can also access WebPrint.  WebPrint allows users to send documents to designated printers.  Full guides on how to use Webprint can be found below.  Please refer to the guide relating to your student status and whether you have a Single Sign On account with the University.

Summary costs are added to your Battels at the end of each term. 


Single Side
Print per page

Double-sided Print
per page (duplex)

A4 B&W



A4 Colour



A3 B&W



A3 Colour





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