Advice and Guidance for Members

  • Please allow time to familiarise yourself with the setup before presenting and using the equipment.
  • If you need help please book at least 24 hours in advance by contacting
  • When running hybrid sessions you should ensure that anyone who needs to present has joined the meeting. Connecting via any of screens that are not running the Teams sessions will mean remote attendees will not see the presentation. 
  • All AV rooms have a screen and coloured HDMI lead so you can connect your own personal laptop if you simply want to make a presentation to the room.
  • You may need an adapter for your laptop to use HDMI - we have some resources in the IT Office but it is best to ensure you have the required adapter with you.
  • Make sure you are using the correct source to connect devices to the screens - use the remotes provided or the screen buttons.
  • Laptops are available on request in any room -  IT have a limited supply - please book at the time of room booking or with the Conference Manager when discussing requirements. 

Video conferencing equipment.

Our Meeting rooms (see below) have either a Logitech Teams kit or a webcam suitable for running hybrid video conferencing.  

Other resources

Members (SSO login required) can book all our resources through scheduler - our on-line resource management system.

Guidance on Teams and Zoom

Our Meeting Rooms Provision


Conduit Room & Front Lodge  - Teams rooms

Fixed "Teams" equipment is in place for running ad-hoc and hybrid Teams meetings. You can start a Teams meeting from the desk tablet and add people to the meeting who are remote attending. Or you can add/invite each room as an attendee:

Conduit Room -
Old Front Lodge -


  1. Use the Teams Kit to run a hybrid meeting.
  2. Use the separate lead to connect your laptop to the screen - ensure you change the source on the screen remote (e.g. HDMI1, HDMI2).

McGregor Matthews - Hybrid capability
Large screen with HDMI connectivity.  A Logitech Meetup can be plugged into your laptop for running hybrid Teams/Zoom conferencing meetings. 

LR4, LR6 and Christopher Cox 
Large screens with HDMI connectivity. Webcam with built in Microphone which can be plugged into your laptop to run hybrid, Teams/Zoom conferencing meetings. 

North Undercroft
Large screen with HDMI connectivity.

Spooner rooms 1 and 2
Large screen with HDMI connectivity. These rooms have dual screens which can be used to present to large groups (across two joining rooms).

Red Room and Long Room
Projector and screen available on request - please request via our booking portal.    


fixed screen with HDMI connectivity.


1 Saville Road 

3 conference rooms with wireless Hybrid capability to run Teams/Zoom sessions, Using Biamp technology:
Biamp Modena Hub+ Wireless Presentation System Quick Start Guide (

Recital Hall

Large presentation screen available on request - please book at time of room bookings so this can be scheduled.  The screen is not fitted in the hall.


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