Laundry facilities

The main College laundry is in the basement of 2 NB. Other laundries can be found at the Weston Buildings, in the Sacher Building and in Bodicote House. The main laundries are run by Armstrong Commercial Laundry Systems, operated using various payment options.


A standard wash costs £2.00 and takes 40 minutes. A full dry cycle then costs £1.00 for 50 minutes.  Here are details of washing programmes.


Liquid detergent is recommended, which you will need to provide. There are several posters in the laundry explaining how the machines work. Please try and be prompt in collecting your laundry, as other people may need to use the machines, and your freshly washed clothes could end up on the floor!



If there are any problems with the College-side (such as broken irons), please fill out a maintenance request. Doing so will help get them fixed a little quicker.

Major problems, particularly those involving either water or electricity, should be reported immediately to the Lodge - water and electricity don't mix! 


Contact information for students

Free phone helpline: 0800 5879134

Email address:




University gym

The College makes an annual subscription to the University's Pulse gym at the Iffley Road sports complex. The gym costs a minimal amount per term to use. You simply have to take your University Card and enquire at the reception desk about induction. There will be an extra charge if you wish to use the pool.

Post and messenger services

Each student has a mail box (often called a 'pidge') in the Post Room, which is located opposite the Porters' Lodge. This box is for external, messenger service and internal mail. You are required to empty your mail box on a regular basis. The College's postal address is New College, Oxford OX1 3BN. The only buildings to which Royal Mail will deliver directly to front doors are the Weston Buildings - the address is House Number, Weston Buildings, New College Sports Ground, St Cross Road, Oxford OX1 3TJ.

The Oxford Colleges operate a messenger service for mail within University Departments and Colleges - students may send individual items to other Colleges and University Departments free of charge via the Lodge. Bulk mailings are not accepted. Up to fours items may be sent in respect of recognised University Clubs.