Accommodation Handbook

For general information regarding College-owned accommodation, please refer to our Accommodation Handbook.

Undergraduate Accommodation

Currently, New College provides accommodation in or close to college for all undergraduate students in their first, second and fourth years. A small number of third year undergraduates can also be accommodated. Accommodation for continuing students is allocated by means of a ballot - the terms of the ballot may change from year to year to reflect changes in the undergraduate population.


Graduate Accommodation

Currently, a reasonable number of graduate students can be housed in College accommodation in their first year with some chance of a second year of housing. Students who are new to Oxford are normally prioritised over those who are Oxford graduates, and therefore Oxford graduates may not be successful in obtaining College housing in their first year. Accommodation for continuing graduates is allocated by means of a ballot - the terms of the ballot may change from year to year to reflect changes in the graduate population.


General Information

Students will need to bring their own duvets, pillows, duvet covers, sheets and pillow cases. Alternatively, bedding can be purchased online and sent to the College in advance of your arrival. You should use the code OXNEW17 for 10% discount at check out. Please ensure that your name and status (Postgraduate or Undergraduate) are clearly given when ordering. The delivery address is New College, Oxford, OX1 3BN. A small number of student rooms have double beds so you should check with the The Domestic Services Manager before ordering.

Please see for details of paying for accommodation.

Storage - the JCR and College run an external storage scheme with Charles Wood and Sons, where you can securely store possessions you want to leave in Oxford during vacations. 

Terms & conditions can be found in the Licence Agreement at the back of the Dean's Handbook. 

Students should know about the Universities UK approved code of practice for student accommodation. This sets out basic standards for student accommodation in Higher Education Institutions, such as the Oxford Colleges. You can find out more information by going to the Universities UK code of practice website. 


End of term

Please note that when you leave College at the end of term, you are required to report to the Lodge and hand any keys back in. College Regulations state that if you fail to vacate and empty your room at the end of term, and have not arranged vacation residence, you will:

  • be charged the conference rate per day for the days when you were not expected to be in residence
  • be charged for failing to sign out when leaving College

Please remember EVERY STUDENT on termly let needs to sign out by reporting to the Porters' Lodge whether you have a room key or Fob access.

For charges please visit the Battel charges pages.

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