Due to Covid-19 IT staff continue to work from home with skeleton staff working on site.

Please use our email helpdesk@new.ox.ac.uk to request information or help.


You will find all the information you need in the Freshers IT Guide.  There is also some very useful information on the University IT Services welcome pages.


Wireless network access is available throughout the college campus.  You can connect to Eduroam using your Remote Access Account credentials.  On the University IT Services pages you can find an Eduroam configuration guide and a helpful configuration tool which you can download.

Ethernet is also available throughout College in all common rooms, teaching rooms and accommodation.  During term time Ethernet leads can be requested via email.  You will be batteled £5.  Please follow the instructions on how to connect via Ethernet on our Networking page.

Intranet - SharePoint

All academic information for students is held on the New College SharePoint site.  You will need your SSO credentials to login.  If you do not have permissions to certain sub sites or pages please request it via the SharePoint site.  The recommended browser for SharePoint is Internet Explorer.

Computer Rooms

  • JCR computer room in 2NB ground Floor

  • MCR

The computers have generic software installed, Microsoft Office, Adobe Reader etc.  You will need your SSO credentials to login to the workstations.  There is a dedicated drive for students to save their College related data.

Personal computers

If you need advice concerning a problem with your personal computer email the IT Office .  During Covid-19 we will refer you to University IT Services who provide specific services including hardware repairs and upgrades.

The IT Department occasionally have a couple of laptops that we are happy to loan out, on a short term basis in times of technical catastrophe.   These are on a first come first served basis and are of limited quantity.    Students are liable for damage to the loan equipment and will be batteled for the cost of replacement or repair to loan equipment.


Printers are available in the common rooms and in the computer room in 2OB (ground floor).  Students with SSO credentials can also access WebPrint.  WebPrint allows users to send documents to designated printers.  Full guides on how to use Webprint can be found below.  Please refer to the guide relating to your student status and whether you have a Single Sign On account with the University.

Summary costs are added to your Battels at the end of each term. 


Single Side
Print per page

Double-sided Print
per page (duplex)

A4 B&W



A4 Colour



A3 B&W



A3 Colour






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