We know that University can seem like an intimidating financial commitment. At New College, we believe that money should not be a barrier to your studies. We do not want anyone to disregard applying to New College because of financial concerns.   

New College Financial Support

  • The College has various funds available to assist students in financial need.
  • Study grants are available for academic projects during the holidays.  Some £4000 per annum is dispersed in the form of individual grants of up to £150 each.
  • Vacation residence grants are available to allow you to stay in Oxford out of term to study.
  • Student Support Fund - Any student can apply.  Grants from the Fund of between £100 and £1500 will be awarded on an annual basis.
  • If a student encounters serious hardship arising from unforeseen circumstances during their course, the College is able to provide more substantial help.


New College Scholarships

There are a number of New College scholarships that you may be eligible to apply for. 

Robert Allen Perkins Scholarship

The next available scholarship will be for those applicants entering University in October 2025.

This is open to successful applicants to New College who meet the threshold to qualify for a University Crankstart Scholarship. For 2024 entry, this was a household income of £32,500 or less. The successful student will receive a non-repayable bursary of roughly £5,250 each academic year from New College. This will significantly lower the financial burden of attending University.

Anthony Wood Bursaries

Up to £5000 per annum available to any student from selected state-schools in South Oxfordshire, including Lord Williams's Thame, Didcot Sixth Form, Henley College, and Wheatley Park School.

Taylor Bursaries

Up to £5000 per annum, available to women who study a STEM subject from selected state schools in South Oxfordshire.  Schools include Lord Williams's Thame, Didcot Sixth Form, Henley College and Wheatley Park School.

The Sir Duncan Watson Bequest

This is for undergraduates and postgraduates facing financial hardship.  Available for students in the Humanities and Social Studies (excluding Management Studies but including Mathematics), usually amounting to £3500 per annum.

Nicoll Bursary

A grant of £50 in each year of study is available for each undergraduate studying Fine Art.

Reynolds Legacy

Special funds for undergraduates and postgraduates in Modern History.

Choral Scholarship


New College Board and Lodgings Information 2023-24

Daily average room rate including utilities and services £27.19
Most common length of Undergraduate contract (days) 180
Most common length of G contract (days) 272
Average Breakfast Cost £2.44
Average Lunch Cost £4.37
Average Dinner Cost £6.06


Please visit our dedicated Scholarships page to find out more about each of our scholarships. 


Who to contact about finances

Mark is our Student Finance Officer and can help you with any questions you may have about course fees or College bills.

Mark Barrett

Janaina is our Admissions Administrator and can help with any questions about scholarships and bursaries at the College. 

Janaina Dal Zotto Boff