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We currently provide accommodation in or close to College for all undergraduate students in their first, second and fourth years. Some third year undergraduates can also be accommodated*.

Accommodation priorities are reviewed annually. Currently, rooms for first years are allocated by the Home Bursar. If you have any particular requirements, for example regarding access, you should contact him as soon as possible. Rooms for students in subsequent years are allocated by means of a room ballot.

Students will need to bring their own duvets, pillows, duvet covers, sheets and pillow cases. Alternatively, bedding can be purchased online and sent to the College in advance of your arrival. Please ensure that your name and status (Postgraduate or Undergraduate) are clearly given when ordering. The delivery address is New College, Oxford, OX1 3BN.

Unfortunately the College cannot offer storage facilities in term time or during the vacations. You are advised to ask the Domestic Services Manager about reasonably priced storage services in the city.

Freshers (First Years)

All first year undergraduates are allocated a room in College – most in the New Buildings, the nineteenth century building that runs along College’s boundary with Holywell Street.

In your first term of your first year, undergraduates are required to arrive by 3.30pm on Tuesday of 0th Week (2nd October 2018). Each term after that, you need to have arrived in college by Wednesday of 0th Week, and leave by 10am on Saturday of 8th Week.

When you arrive on 2nd October 2018, you will collect your room key from the Lodge.

Second Years

Under the current arrangements, although this may change owing to major refurbishment projects, second years are given a College room. All first years’ names are drawn from a hat, unless individuals have indicated that they wish to be excluded from the ballot (exclusions are rare). Students choose their rooms for their second year according to their position on the list.

Third Years

Third years have the choice of rooms left after the fourth years and second years have chosen.

Traditionally, the second year room ballot has been reversed so that students near the bottom of the ballot for their second year are near the top for their third year, and therefore those students are more likely to get a room of some kind*. Rooms in New College Lane are let on a 39 week basis, which some third years find beneficial.

Fourth Years

Rooms in the Sacher Building and Savile House are designated for fourth years*. These properties are classified as self-catering accommodation, and so students need to sign on for meals they take in College.

Fourth Year Modern Linguists and Law Studies in Europe

Fourth Year MLs are guaranteed accommodation when they return from their year abroad. MLs are housed with other fourth years usually but not invariably in the Sacher Building and in Savile House. These rooms are let on a 39-week basis from 1 October to 30 June.

The rooms are normally allocated by the JCR Housing Officer, and special requests (e.g. naming other MLs they wish to share with for the forthcoming year) are taken into account on a first come first served basis.

Academic Clerks (Choir)

All Academical Clerks are currently guaranteed rooms in College for all three or four years of their course because of choir commitments. They are, however, asked to move into rooms outside the College during the summer vacation and sometimes during the Easter vacation, depending on conference commitments.

Private Accommodation

The University Land Agent's and Accommodation Office can help undergraduate and graduate students with their search for private housing, free of charge.

Room Ballot

College rooms for second, third and fourth year undergraduates are allocated by means of a ballot. The ballot process starts in Michaelmas Term each year. All students are eligible to enter the ballot.

The JCR Housing Ballot is run by the JCR Housing Rep, under the supervision of the the Home Bursary.

The Ballot Procedure

  • The JCR Housing Officer sends out information by email to all members of the JCR about the ballot and the procedure for choosing a room.
  • The Home Bursar (HB) sends out information by email to the JCR on what they should do if they wish to be included in or excluded from the ballot.
  • The ballot is drawn.
  • The JCR Housing Officer finalises the resulting list and publicises the list.
  • Mini-ballots for the double sets and some of the Longwall Houses are also drawn (11 and 12 Longwall,  and the top flat of 8 Longwall).
  • The rooms available for second and third UGs for the forthcoming year are publicised. There is a separate list for fourth years.
  • The JCR Housing Officer manages the room choosing process and provides the HB with a final list.
  • Unsuccessful UGs are put on the waiting list.
  • The HB contacts students on the waiting list over the Summer as rooms become available (this is usually after the allocation of fresher UG rooms). 
  • The terms of the ballot may be amended to reflect changes in the undergraduate student population and the College's policy on the distribution of rooms across years.

* Owing to the continuing construction of the new music practice rooms next to Savile House which started in early 2016 and a proposed refurbishment of 18 Longwall and the Morris Garages during 2017-18 it is possible that there will be a shortfall of fourth year rooms. Rooms for third years are always in short supply under the current system of distribution. It may be that the College decides to change the terms of the room ballot to ensure that there is as fair distribution of rooms as possible according to need.