The Gradel Quadrangles

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New College has embarked on an ambitious scheme to redevelop its Savile Road site to create a new living and working space in a stunning new architectural setting.

The College’s aims in developing the site are:

  • To house all undergraduates who wish to live in for all of their course an additional 70 student rooms (108 in total on the site) will be created, thereby allowing the College to offer high-quality accommodation to all undergraduates
  • To provide a state of the art flexible study and teaching space workspace for students to study on their own or in small groups as well as a space for lectures, symposia and break-out group work
  • To create a multi-purpose arts and performance venue, a space for concerts, theatre, exhibitions and talks, with associated foyer areas and catering facilities.
  • To build new facilities for New College School
  • in reconfiguring the site, part of the new building will house school dining and kitchen facilities, classrooms for the pre-prep and a new assembly hall.

In redeveloping the site, the College intends:

  • To create a development in keeping with the grand exemplar buildings of the rest of the College, modern and timeless yet with the ‘feel’ of an Oxford quadrangle, and necessarily of the highest architectural quality.
  • To develop a prime College setting, adjacent to the main College site, which is currently unattractive and under-used.
  • To create a self-contained site with secure access, which will be via a new Porters Lodge on Mansfield Road
  • To provide a clearer and safer separation between College and School buildings and settings, whilst providing the School with dramatically better facilities.
Naming Opportunities

The College has already secured commitments of £15m towards the main accommodation buildings and a further £2.5m for the Tower. The Governing Body has made the decision in principle to borrow up to £17m over the medium term. It is hoped that the remainder will be raised through further philanthropy.
Key opportunities to name parts of the development include:

The New Warham House £5m

The Learning Hub £5m

The Performance Hall £3m

The Octagon & Foyer £800,000

The Seminar Room £500,000

The Gallery £300,000

The Study Booths (x 4) £150,000 each



For further information, please contact:

Mark Curtis, Fellow & Director of Development
Tel: +44 (0)1865 279261
New College, Oxford OX1 3BN

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