The Gradel Quadrangles

The Gift of a Generation

New College has embarked on an ambitious scheme to redevelop its Savile Road site to create a
new living and working space in a stunning new architectural setting.


The College’s aims in developing the site are:


To house all undergraduates who wish to live in for all of their course in high quality accommodation.
99 new student rooms will be created as part of the project (and one for a Junior Dean). 

To provide a state of the art flexible study and teaching workspace for students to study on their
own or in small groups as well as a space for lectures, symposia and break-out group work.

To create a multi-purpose arts and performance venue, a space for concerts, theatre, exhibitions and
talks, with associated foyer areas and catering facilities.

To build new facilities for New College School. In reconfiguring the site, part of the new building will
house school dining and kitchen facilities, classrooms for the pre-prep and a new assembly hall.

Your Opportunity to Get Involved

New College has a long tradition of philanthropy going back to William of Wykeham's original benefaction
in 1379. At each subsequent step in its history, the College has been fortunate to have had the support of
Old Members and friends, who together have made it the institution it is today. 

As we embark on this next phase of our history, we are once again appealing to the wider New College
community to help achieve our vision. 

East Quad with view of Tower House





Flats in the Tower House


The new Tower House will provide 16 bedrooms in 4 flats, each with its own common room. 

Common Room




Common Rooms


Every group of six bedrooms in the East and West Quads will have its own Common Room, as will each of the four flats in the Tower House. 

Student bedroom




Student Rooms


The Gradel Quadrangles will contain 99 new student rooms (and another for a Junior Dean). 

West Quad Gargoyles


Gargoyles and Grotesques


The Gradel Quadrangles and New Warham House will feature 17 Gargoyles and 11 Grotesques. 

Hall view from back




Seat in the Hall


The new Performance and Lecture Hall will seat 100. 




Miles Young Introduces the Gradel Quadrangles


In this film, Miles Young, Warden of New College, takes us on a tour of the project, talking about the thinking behind the new buildings and about how Old Members can get involved. 

Images created by David Kohn Architects/Picture Plane

For more information, please contact:

Mark Curtis, Fellow & Director of Development
Tel: +44 (0)1865 279261
New College, Oxford OX1 3BN