New College welcomes applications from students wishing to pursue this joint degree. It has strengths in both subjects, and the interface between them is the site of some of the most exciting contemporary work in both fields. From philosophy's point of view, the nature of the mind is not just a subject that has been of interest since the inception of our discipline; empirical investigations into the mind and its methods of functioning can raise very significant questions about the resources that philosophers typically rely upon when addressing any subject that concerns them - in particular, questions about the nature of rationality and its place in the broader structure of human subjectivity. Prof. Mulhall has a particular interest in the course. 

At New College, you will take Psychology and Philosophy in your first year; New College does not offer the Linguistics option. Please see our Experimental Psychology pages for further details on the different aspects of the course. 

For more information on how to apply, entrance requirements and selection criteria, please visit the University webpage for Psychology, Philosophy and Linguistics