Marco Grossi

Marco Grossi

Stipendiary Lecturer in Philosophy
Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE)
Computer Science and Philosophy
Modern Languages and Philosophy
Psychology and Philosophy
Mathematics and Philosophy
Experimental Psychology
MPhil (St Andrews), DPhil (Oxon)

While studying for my BA in Philosophy in Milan, I was immediately drawn to logic and metaphysics. I then moved to the UK to read for an MPhil in Philosophy in St Andrews. Afterwards, I came to Oxford, where I received a DPhil in Philosophy with a thesis on logical validity. 


I teach Introduction to Logic, General Philosophy, EDL, Philosophical Logic, Philosophy of Logic & Language, Knowledge and Reality, Philosophy of Mathematics, Early Modern Philosophy. 

Research Interests

My research mainly focuses on logical consequence and its relation with generality, truth and higher-order logic. I am also interested in metaphysics and philosophy of language. 


"Substitutional Validity for modal logic", Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic (forthcoming)

Quantification in an interpretational theory of validity, Synthese 202, 82 (2023)

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