Charles Stiller

Non-Stipendiary Lecturer in Statistics
Experimental Psychology
Psychology and Philosophy

My introduction to the epidemiology of childhood cancer was during my MSc statistics course.  I was privileged to work on data from the pioneering Oxford Survey of Childhood Cancers, whose main achievement was to demonstrate the cancer risk associated with antenatal x-ray exposure.
Most of my career was with the Childhood Cancer Research Group, University of Oxford, as epidemiologist/statistician and latterly director of the National Registry of Childhood Tumours, until its dissolution in 2014
Now Lead on Childhood Cancer for the National Cancer Registration and Analysis Service within Public Health England
Non-stipendiary Lecturer in Statistics at New College, giving tutorials for first-year psychology undergraduates

Apart from the more usual walking, cookery, gardening etc., one of my main non-academic (?) interests is acting as research assistant and occasional co-author to my wife, an art historian and biographer.

Above all I value the opportunity to meet and teach so many undergraduates of diverse backgrounds and interests but united in their enthusiasm for their course of study.

Research Interests

  • Epidemiology of cancer in children and young people, especially
  • Variations in incidence between populations and over time, and their relation to possible risk factors
  • Variations in survival between populations and over time, and factors that could explain them 
  • Member of collaborations including International Incidence of Childhood Cancer, ACCIS (childhood cancer incidence and survival in Europe), EUROCARE (population-based cancer survival in Europe), RARECAREnet (burden of rare cancers in Europe) and CONCORD (population-based cancer survival worldwide)

Selected Major Publications:

  • Steliarova-Foucher E, Colombet M, Ries LAG, Moreno F, Dolya A, Bray F, Hesseling P, Shin HY, Stiller CA; IICC-3 contributors (2017) International incidence of childhood cancer, 2001-10: a population-based registry study. Lancet Oncol 18(6):719-731 
  • Gatta G, Botta L, Rossi S, Aareleid T, Bielska-Lasota M, Clavel J, Dimitrova N, Jakab Z, Kaatsch P, Lacour B, Mallone S, Marcos-Gragera R, Minicozzi P, Sanchez Perez MJ, Sant M, Santaquilani M, Stiller C, Tavilla A, Trama A, Visser O, Peris Bonet R, EUROCARE Working Group (2014) Childhood Cancer Survival in Europe 1999-2007. Lancet Oncol 15 (1): 35-47
  • Williams CL, Bunch KJ, Stiller CA, Murphy MFG, Botting BJ, Wallace H, Davies M, Sutcliffe AG (2013) Cancer risk among children born after assisted conception. N Engl J Med 369 (19): 1819-1827 
  • Stiller CA, Kroll ME, Pritchard-Jones K (2012) Population survival from childhood cancer in Britain during 1978-2005 by eras of entry to clinical trials. Ann Oncol 23 (9): 2464-2469
  • Stiller CA, Kroll ME, Boyle PJ, Feng Z (2008) Population mixing, socioeconomic status and incidence of childhood acute lymphoblastic leukaemia in England and Wales: analysis by census ward. Br J Cancer 98 (5): 1006-1011
  • Stiller C (2007) Childhood cancer in Britain: incidence, survival, mortality. Oxford University Press: Oxford
  • Steliarova-Foucher E, Stiller C, Lacour B, Kaatsch P (2005) International Classification of Childhood Cancer, third edition. Cancer 103 (7): 1457-1467
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