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New College Music Society

New College Orchestra (ONO) and Wykeham Singers are both non-auditioning and relaxed ways for you to get involved in music whatever your abilities, with rehearsals once a week. For those more serious about music there is the New Chamber Ensemble, catering for New College students and those in the wider University looking for more opportunities to play in a chamber ensemble at a high level. Additionally, we also put on weekly recitals in the Antechapel that everyone is free to come along to.

New College Drama Society

While New College is ironically far from new, our Drama Society has been recently been reformed, with the intention of encouraging and guiding all and any theatrical interests among students. With new funding available and an Arts Week in store for Trinity Term, Drama at New promises to be bigger and better than ever before.


New College is a great place to be LGBTQ+ – the JCR’s LGBTQ+ Officer has the responsibility as part of the welfare team to make sure those who are not part of the cis/het community feel welcome and happy at New College. The LGBTQ+ Officer is also responsible for organising events such as drinks, crew dates and dinners in Hall to raise money for LGBTQ+ focussed charities. If you have any concerns even remotely related to being LGBTQ+ in College you can chat to the LGBTQ+ Officer, or any of the Rainbow Peers, who are trained Peer Supporters there to offer support to LGBTQ+ students across all colleges and throughout the wider University. (For more information, email rainbowpeers@admin.ox.ac.uk, or check out their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/rainbowpeers/).

The Oxford LGBTQ+ society is at the centre of the University’s LGBTQ+ social and welfare scene, running all kinds of events for LGBTQ+ individuals to socialise, including LGBTQ+ drinks every Tuesday, as well as events for specific identity groups. The Society has Welfare (male and female), Trans, Bi/Pan, Ace, BME, Disabilities and Internationals Reps, and University LGBTQ+ website is definitely worth checking out, as it has a comprehensive list of social, charitable, and university resources, including a useful guide for those considering transitioning at Oxford.

There are lots of LGBTQ+ nights throughout Oxford - The Jolly Farmers is Oxford’s gay pub, open for a pint every day of the week, and Plush, Oxford’s gay nightclub, has big nights on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday for those interested.

You may also be interested in the OUSU LGBTQ+ campaign, whose purpose is to provide a place for discussion of LGBTQ+ issues. It holds discussions and working groups, which target LGBTQ+ issues and attempt to improve life for LGBTQ+ students. To find out more you can check out their OUSU facebook group.

Below are some resources for general support, trans, intersex, asexual, sexual health, mental health, assault, abuse & harassment, and intersectional support that you may find useful. You may also be interested in looking through the JCR Support Page. If you know of any resources that you think others would find useful but can’t see listed here, or have any other suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact the LGBTQ+ Officer.

New College Women's Group

A discussion group for women’s issues (with tea and cake!).

The main purposes of this group are:

  • To get to know other, like-minded women within New College and to establish a supportive community.
  • To have discussions in a safe and friendly environment.
  • To advance causes which we collectively support and to help other self-identifying women.

(Also, please feel free to post any interesting articles or videos that you find on the Facebook group!)

BAME (Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic)

Life at Oxford can sometimes be difficult when there are few others with the same ethnic background, so our Ethnic Minorities Rep is there to represent the views of the ethnic minorities community in the JCR - if you have any ideas or issues you want raised, they’re a great person to get in contact with. The EM Rep will also be organising various workshops throughout the year to help improve understanding about equality issues, as well as setting up a space for members of the ethnic minority community to meet and discuss their experiences informally. They are also Peer Supporter trained, so can be contacted confidentially about anything either in person, via Facebook, email, Skype or the anonymous instant messaging service.

Foreign Language Conversations Group

Conversation groups will meet regularly in the College bar or for formal hall. This is a great occasion to practice a foreign language in your free time, no matter what your level is. Several languages will be offered, including French, Italian, German and any other language you want to practice. Whether you are a beginner or you are almost fluent, please get in touch with me and feel free to suggest other languages so that I can organise conversation groups that are most useful for you.

New College Law Society

NCLS is made up of both alumni and current students with an interest in the law as a subject or a career and provides opportunities to listen to talks by notable speakers on legal issues and be wined and dined by members of the profession! Highlights include the Annual Lecture on a topical issue and the Annual Dinner, which is kindly sponsored by a different leading law firm each year and is a great opportunity to exploit New College's extensive connections in the legal world for knowledge and work experience.

Other events include planning the (many) law crewdates, hosting moots that strike fear in the heart of every baby lawyer (disclaimer: they're not that bad honestly) and organising dinners with law firms, in both London and Oxford (free food and drink!). We're looking to recruit even more non-law students to the society to learn more about the law, and later to benefit from both formal and informal career advice in the same way that current law students do. So if you think that the law may be for you, or alternatively if you like free stuff at the expense of commercial law firms, then get in touch!

Haldane Society

The Haldane Society, named after the celebrated geneticist and physiologist alumnus of New College - JBS Haldane, is the in-house society for medical and biomedical students, both past and present. We aim to create a strong community amongst undergraduates, clinical students and fellows by organising social events, such as the annual black-tie dinner and talks from invited speakers throughout the year.

New College Christian Union

Open to all, we meet each Tuesday evening to read the bible, eat food, pray, encourage one another and have the occasional philosophical discussion. We also put on several events in College (e.g. text a toastie!) and promote any events put on by OICCU each term in order to reach New College and the wider University with the message of Jesus.

Alongside a few other CUs, we also go on a get-away before term starts in September. This is a great chance to get to know people, have fun, learn from the bible and start the term well. No matter what denomination you are (Maria is Russian Orthodox) or whether you would call yourself a Christian or not, we would love you to come along to one of our meetings! So feel free to get in touch if you want more information!

If you’re interested in starting a new society there’s no official procedure, just go ahead and start it and feel free to put a JCR motion through if you need funding! If you’ve created a society and you want it to be listed here with the others just get in touch with the IT Officer.

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