The Student Support Fund

In 2015 the College established a new Student Support Fund to help students who find themselves in unexpected financial difficulty. This may be the result of personal or family health issues, unforeseen economic factors, or an unavoidable need to extend study time. Whatever the cause, we want to do everything we can to help our students continue and complete their studies, without the burden of financial anxieties.

In 2022:

· 28 grants were made (15 undergraduates and 13 graduates)

· £31,700 was awarded in total

· Average grant of £1,100 with a range of £200 to £1,500

We received a huge amount of feedback from awardees. Here is what some of them had to say:

'I am very grateful for the support I received from the Student Support Fund in the last year of my DPhil. Unlike many other students, it is a great chance to be part of a support network at New College that not only regularly inquires into one's situation but provides concrete help where needed. I'd like to thank all the Old Members that contribute to keeping this support network live throughout the years.' - DPhil Philosophy student

'Thanks to your assistance I will be able to enjoy the rest of this academic year without the financial stress and pressures that previously existed for me. For the second time now, you have afforded me extreme kindness and understanding and having come from a single parent household with little financial support, I was unsure exactly how my time at university would be viable, but I no longer feel this way. My appreciation is insurmountable!' - Undergraduate Jurisprudence student

'Thank you so much for the very generous grant given by the Student Support Fund which will act as a massive financial support this year. In particular, it will enable me to take part in a fieldwork project as part of my degree that has a large financial cost associated with it, that I may not have been able to participate in otherwise.' - Undergraduate Biology student


Student Sporting and Cultural Awards

Ensuring New College students receive a rich and balanced education is of great importance. Extra-curricular activities play a key part in this, but they can be costly. The Sporting and Cultural Awards enable students to apply for grants towards these costs, and last year £35,000 of grants were awarded to New College students for this purpose.

'Without this award, I would not have been able to compete with Women's First Team Rowing in external regattas on the Thames this term, which is something that I will always remember.' Sky, JCR

'I have recently received an award to make a short film. Our overall budget is quite small, so the award goes a very long way to helping with production costs. I am very grateful for the generous support that helps make activities like this possible!' Alex, JCR

'I greatly appreciate the financial support that I have been given. My extracurricular activities have been a welcome break from my academic work and something that I look forward to continuing over the course of my studies.' Juliet, JCR

'I really appreciate the support you've given me, as dance is important to my wellbeing and happiness here at Oxford. We've trained extremely hard for this, and want to bring joy to each other and those who watch us. I hope you find the same joy in helping students like me, as we really appreciate it!'  Tina, JCR

To make a donation, please visit our giving pages. If you have any questions about making a gift, please contact the Development Office.

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