The Student Support Fund

In 2015 the College established a new Student Support Fund to help students who find themselves in unexpected financial difficulty. This may be the result of personal or family health issues, unforeseen economic factors, or an unavoidable need to extend study time. Whatever the cause, we want to do everything we can to help our students continue and complete their studies, without the burden of financial anxieties.

In the first round of awards:

· 37 grants were made (18 undergraduates and 19 graduates)

· £29,700 was awarded in total

· Average grant of £800 with a range of £400 to £1,500

We received a huge amount of feedback from awardees. Here is what some of them had to say:

'I have just received news of the award from the SSF and I would like to express my utmost gratitude. Words cannot describe how vital that injection of income will be for me in my final term as a student at New College, and I would like to say the most sincere thank you for it.' - Undergraduate Biochemistry student

'This fund really reduced a tremendous amount of stress and helped me to relax and focus on my thesis writing. In future, I shall be very happy to extend my support to other New College students the same way.' - DPhil Engineering student

'I am extremely grateful for the help that I have received from the Student Support Fund. Not only does it mean I do not have to worry as much about finances next year, but it also now means I can focus more on my studies rather than having to work full time in my job through every single vacation.' - Undergraduate Law student


Student Sporting and Cultural Awards

Ensuring New College students receive a rich and balanced education is of great importance. Extra-curricular activities play a key part in this, but they can be costly. The Sporting and Cultural Awards enable students to apply for grants towards these costs, and last year £20,000 of grants were awarded to New College students for this purpose.

'My gratitude to New College for allowing me to continue dancing at Oxford is immense.' Nina, MCR

'I love rowing for New College, and so am very appreciative of the Development Fund’s support for my involvement with the Boat Club.' Hannah, JCR

'I have recently received an award to make a short film. Our overall budget is quite small, so the award goes a very long way to helping with production costs. I am very grateful for the generous support that helps make activities like this possible!' Alex, JCR

'I am a DPhil student at the Department of Plant Sciences and this year I am taking a beginners’ course in German at the language centre. I have only had a few lessons so far but they have been wonderful. The Development Fund is kindly covering half of the cost of the course which is a huge help.' Jessica, MCR


To make a donation, please visit our giving pages. If you have any questions about making a gift, please contact the Development Office.

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