The NCBC 1912 Fund

New College Boat Club has always relied on the generosity of Old Members and other supporters. Funding for the club is reaching a critical stage, where we may soon be forced to turn people away from the club. To support our growing numbers, improve our training program, raise coaching standards, and far more, we know we need to obtain long-term financial security for NCBC. 

With this aim in mind, we are looking to raise the Boat Club’s own endowment, The New College Boat Club 1912 Fund, with an initial target of £500,000. 
This initial target will provide an annual income of ~£15,000, closing our deficit and will allow the continuation of NCBC, its heritage, values, and people, as well as allowing us to: 

  • retain high-quality coaching talent 
  • maintain and invest in first-class equipment
  • meet our day-today expenditure
  • ensure the longevity of the club
  • alleviate the financial burden placed on students through kit and event subsidy

How to Donate

Do get in touch with our President, Charlie, for general queries, information about NCBC or The NCBC 1912 Fund, or any other matters: 

For questions about donations, kindly contact Mark Curtis: 
To donate, contact Mark & Charlie, or:

Make a regular donation online, using our direct debit service and select New College Boat Club from the drop-down menu. 

Make a single donation online:

Donors based in the US can make a gift online via American Friends of New College

By post:

If you would prefer to donate by post, simply complete a donation form and return it to the New College Development Office:

UK Donation Form

USA Donation Form

Europe and International Donation Form

Making your gift tax-effective

To find out how to make your gift tax-effective, visit our dedicated page here.

New College is a registered charity no. 1142701.

In Return

A board will be erected in the Boathouse to commemorate our most generous donors. 

Each donor will receive a personal letter of thanks, and those donating in excess of: 

  • £191.20 will receive the title 1912 Donor 
  • £1,920 will receive the title Stockholm Donor
  • £19,120 will receive the title Bourne Donor (Robert Bourne - the stroke of the 1912 Olympic crew, and supposedly the first to say 'God Damn Blood Magdalen' as they crossed the line.

Each of which may have associated benefits such as gifts and access to certain events.  Old Members may, on a case-by-case basis, be awarded a ‘GDBM Medal’ for Contribution to NCBC, monetary or otherwise. 

To read more about the fundraising priorities of NCBC, please read this special edition of the NCBC Newsletter.

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