Since Plato, mathematics and philosophy have been seen as deeply related. Many areas in modern analytic philosophy rely on methods from logic and mathematics. In the course, the pure mathematics part of the mathematics course is combined with selected topics from philosophy. 

Both Mathematics and Philosophy tutors at New College are strongly committed to the course and welcome applications for Mathematics and Philosophy. This includes applciations for deferred entry. One of the Philosophy tutors, Prof. Volker Halbach, specializes in logic and philosophy or mathematics. In Mathematics, Prof. Victor Flynn's research area is Number Theory, and he tutors the Mathematics and Philosophy students across a range of topics in Pure Mathematics, including Analysis, Linear Algebra, Group Theory and Number Theory. 

For more information, see the University web page for Mathematics and Philosophy

Places Available

8 in total for straight Mathematics (both three- and four- year courses), Mathematics & Computer Science, Mathematics & Philosophy, Mathematics & Statistics, Computer Science, and Computer Science & Philosophy. 

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