Victor Flynn

Victor Flynn

Tutor in Mathematics; Professor of Mathematics
BA Otago, MA Oxf, PhD Camb

Professor Flynn has been a tutorial Fellow in Pure Mathematics at New College since 2005. Previously, his PhD (in the area of Number Theory) was at the University of Cambridge. He has previously held academic positions at the University of Michigan, the University of Cambridge and the University of Liverpool.


Prof Flynn tutors a wide range of topics to the first and second year students, including: linear agebra, group theory, rings and fields, real analysis and number theory. He also tutors third and fourth year advanced topics in Number Theory, including Algebraic Number Theory and Elliptic Curves.

Research Interests

Prof Flynn's main area of research is Number Theory. In particular, he works on the theory of elliptic curves and Jacobian varieties of curves of higher genus.

Selected Publications

  • E.V. Flynn. Arbitrarily Large Tate-Shafarevich Group on Abelian Surfaces. Journal of Number Theory 186 (2018), 248-258. 

  • E.V. Flynn. Homogeneous Spaces and Degree 4 del Pezzo Surfaces. Manuscripta Mathematica 129 (2009), 369‑380.

  • N. Bruin and E.V. Flynn. Exhibiting Sha[2] on Hyperelliptic Jacobians. Journal of Number Theory 118 (2006), 266‑291.

  • J.W.S. Cassels and E.V. Flynn. Prolegomena to a Middlebrow Arithmetic of Curves of Genus 2. London Mathematical Society Lecture Note Series 230. Cambridge University Press (1996).

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