James Munro

James Munro

Stipendiary Lecturer in Mathematics
MA, MMath, PhD (Cantab)

I'm also the Admissions and Outreach Coordinator at the Mathematical Institute, and I coordinate the admissions process for the undergraduate Maths course at Oxford. I'm responsible for making sure that the Mathematics Admissions Test is set and marked, and I run a weekly livestream for prospective applicants (and indeed, anyone else who wants to see some maths), which can be found on the department's MAT webpage.


I teach applied mathematics (including topics like Fourier Series, Partial Differential Equations, and Calculus of Variations) to first and second year students at New College. I'm keen to give students a strong foundation in these courses so that students can access a wide variety of options later on in the degree. I'm particularly interested in links between the different first-year courses, and in ways that I can foreshadow future content that will appear in later courses.

Research Interests

I'm no longer an active researcher, but my PhD research was in fluid dynamics.

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