Graduation gathering near the Chapel


Degrees at Oxford are not automatically conferred on the successful completion of a course and certificates are not issued by the University until after the formal conferment at a ceremony.

Until such time as the degree is conferred the College may issue a letter (under the same conditions as would apply for conferment of a degree) stating that its member is qualified to supplicate for the degree; however, the member is not eligible to use the degree letters after his or her name. The condition most strictly enforced before conferment of a degree or issue of certificates or letters is that no proof of qualification will be issued by the College if there is a debt of any kind owing to the College.

Degrees may be conferred by attendance at a ceremony in the Sheldonian Theatre or in absentia. New College has an attendance quota at certain degree ceremonies during the academic year. There is no limit on the number of ceremony places for conferment in absentia.

Dress for degree ceremonies is academic dress.

The College encourages members to proceed to their degrees thus enabling contact to be maintained once they have gone down. There is no time limit for conferment of any degree.

The College Officer responsible for degree ceremonies is the Dean of Degrees.

Booking a place at a degree ceremony

Taught course students will receive an email invitation from the Degree Conferrals Office at the start of their final year with information about booking a degree ceremony. Research students will be contacted by the Degree Conferrals Office with potential degree ceremony dates once they have received leave to supplicate. 

'Historic' students should contact for information on available ceremony dates.