Matriculation is the ceremony that marks your formal admission to the University. It is a statutory requirement of the University that all students are required to matriculate or incorporate as members of the University at the beginning of their course. Please see University website for details. Visiting Students required to matriculate are Erasmus students taking the Diploma in Legal Studies or the MSt in Modern Languages.  Maximilaneum, Notre Dame, Amherst and WISC students do not matriculate.

The majority of students matriculate but, under an ancient arrangement, graduate students of Cambridge University and Trinity College, Dublin are permitted to incorporate their Cambridge or Trinity College, Dublin degrees, so long as they are pursuing a prescribed course of study at Oxford University. If you fall into this category, and would like to incorporate (for new students there will now be a charge of £110) please send a copy of your graduation certificate to Felicity Reeves in the Academic Office.

New students will be matriculated in absentia during 0th Week of Michaelmas term 2020, and a remote University welcome will be held, due to the ongoing pandemic. The Formal Welcome to the University by the Vice-Chancellor will take place on the date originally planned for the face-to-face ceremony - Saturday 17 October (end of 1st Week).  Hosted online, it will see the Vice-Chancellor addressing all new students (whether matriculated or not) – incorporating traditional elements of previous matriculation ceremonies, while acknowledging the extraordinary circumstances brought about by the pandemic. Decisions about whether to substitute in-person matriculation ceremonies throughout the remainder of the 2020/21 academic year with matriculation in absentia will be taken at a later date. Further details about the Formal Welcome will be provided soon.

There are small matriculation ceremonies at the end of each term to matriculate students who start their course in terms other than Michaelmas Term. Failure to matriculate at a ceremony in the term following that in which you started will forfeit the fees for the term in which you came up and that term will not be counted towards the course. 

Further enquiries should be directed to the Student Services & Events Administrator, Felicity Reeves: