Celebrating Women in STEM at New College

"We have released a collection of articles and interviews celebrating the achievements of scientists as part of the 40 year anniversary of women in New College. There is a great deal of attention on the importance of role models and a supportive environment in encouraging more women to choose a career in science - and it is now impossible to study a science subject in New College and not be taught by a woman. But that wasn’t always the case. Current science students invited our alumni to tell us about their experiences. We also wanted to take this chance to highlight the brilliant achievements of women launching their scientific careers in college today - read about their research on how geo-politics affects virus evolution, the early universe, and what fish can teach us about heart attacks. 

Thank you to everyone who gave up their time to contribute to this collection - look forward to when we can celebrate in person!" 

- Ashleigh Griffin, New College Tutor and Professor of Evolutionary Biology

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