Submitting a Subject Access Request (SAR)

“Subject Access” is the right of an individual to access personal data relating to him or her, which are held by the College. Please complete and return this form to the Bursar of New College using the address information on page 3 of the SAR form.  

If you require information about examination results please contact the Examinations Office. Examination scripts are exempt from Subject Access rights. 

Your request will be processed by a very limited number of staff within the Bursar’s Office, under the supervision of the College’s Data Protection Officer, who will be required to view all the data you request, including personnel, financial and occupational health records. By submitting a Subject Access Request you are accepting that the Bursar’s Office will need to request and view the data about you in order to assess what can be disclosed. Information on third parties, including staff, in some circumstances may be withheld. All data will be handled securely and in the strictest confidence.

The Bursar’s Office has a duty to establish the identity of the requester. The Bursar’s Office will advise you on what forms of identification are usually required. Requests from internal members of staff may not require this and you will be advised on making your request if this is the case.

The Bursar’s Office will then coordinate the gathering together of the appropriate information. The College will comply with SARs as quickly as possible but will ensure that a response is provided within 1 calendar month from receipt of identification unless there is good reason for delay. Data protection laws allow for an extension of up to 2 months for responding to very complex requests. If you are able to describe the data you seek clearly this is less likely. We may also refuse requests that are deemed manifestly unfounded or excessive, and reserve the right to charge a fee.  In such cases the reason for refusal, delay, or any fees payable will be explained in writing.

If you are seeking data held by the University or JCR/MCR you need to contact them directly as they are a separate entity to the College and responsible for their own access requests.

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