The Course

The Oxford music course is very diverse, allowing students to engage in both practical and academic approaches to the subject. With this in mind, assessments in Music take many different forms - recital, written paper, practical test, portfolio submissions, and take-away paper. 

Why New College?

What is special about being a Music undergraduate at New College?

We admit 4 to 5 students a year, creating a lively cohort of musicians in the College; we have two Music tutors, allowing us to cover a wide range of tutorial needs from within the College; we occupy a large and handsome piece of real estate in the middle of Oxford, with a magnificent chapel also serving as a concert venue; New College Choir provides an unbeatable educational and artistic experience for singers; New Chamber Opera extends this into the sphere of music drama; the student chamber groups and College orchestra cater for instrumentalists at a high level; the College library has possibly the most extensive collection of Music-related literature in Oxford apart from the Bodleian and Music Faculty; the Bodleian is literally across the road; the Music facilities in the College are just about to be extended into a suite of practice rooms;

We also offer Choral and Organ Scholarships and Instrumental Awards

And New College hosts both the Humanitas Visiting Professorship in Opera Studies and the University's statutory Visiting Chair in Opera Studies

Other than this, New College is just like any other college.

What We Look For

The Music tutors at New College will be pleased to answer enquiries and meet with prospective candidates. They are Professor Michael Burden and Professor Robert Quinney.

Places Available

Four or five.