Steinway Piano Keys


The College currently has the following spaces and instruments available for use by Junior Members. They are housed in a variety of spaces, not all of which are dedicated practice spaces and are therefore not always available; please read the notes on the spaces below carefully. 


The College’s instruments are a shared resource, and care must be taken in using them. Instruments, stools, covers, music racks, and headphones should under no circumstances be removed from the spaces. All the instruments – with the exception of the electric piano – come with their own bespoke covers, and all must be closed up and covered at the end of a session. It is the Junior Member’s responsibility to report any damage or wear and tear to Professor Michael Burden at


The Clore Music Studios

The Chapel

The Old Bursary

The Long Room

11 NB Basement Practice Room

7 OB Basement Band Room


The Clore Music Studios

The Clore Music Studios were completed in January 2019. The top floor contains two chamber studios; the first floor, four practice rooms; and the ground floor, a large rehearsal room for opera and drama. 

The College is immensely grateful to the donors who have made this possible, especially the Clore Foundation after whom the building is named.

In November 2019, the Clore Music Studios were presented with an Oxford Preservation Trust Award for Small Projects, confirming the excellence of the buildings and its sensitivity to the architecture of the surrounding area. 

Clore Studios from Mansfield Road Clore Studios Interior

Instruments: Chamber Music Studio 1 Steinway Model O; Chamber Music Studio 2 Steinway Model O; Studio 3 Steinway Model K; Studio 4 Steinway Model K; Studio 5 Brass Room; Studio 6 Early Piano Room James Nutting square piano, c 1817; William Rolfe square piano, c1810; and Studio 7 Steinway Model A.

The studios can be booked through the College Intranet (external link). The schematic layout shows the locations of the studios within the building, which is fully accessible. The main entrance is at ground level and there is lift access to all floors.

The use of the Early Piano Room requires initial prior permission; email

Studio 7 is intended for a series of rehearsals leading to a musical or dramatic performance. Those booking the space should prepare their rehearsal schedule and book the space accordingly. Bookings will be individually cleared before being allowed to go forward.

The Chapel

Instruments: Steinway Model D and a double manual harpsichord by Robert Goble.

These are both primarily concert instruments, and are not available for general practice. They may only be played in the week preceding a recital for which the performer is booked.

The Chapel can be booked through Nancy-Jane Rucker in the Chapel Office:


The Old Bursary

Instrument: Steinway Model A. 

In order to play this instrument, you need to request that your name be added to the Old Bursary list held by the Lodge. In order to do this, email the Organist, Professor Robert Quinney.

The Old Bursary is a teaching room, and cannot be booked by undergraduates. Check with the Lodge on its availability.


The Long Room

Instrument: C Bechstein Model V.

The Bechstein – a Viennese piano from 1902, serial number 59847 – has been recently overhauled.

The Long Room can booked through the Home Bursar's PA


11 NB Basement Practice Room

Instruments: A Yamaha electronic piano and a clavichord by Robert Goble.

The practice room is not soundproof, although it has a sound absorbant ceiling, and curtains and a carpet. The clavichord is by definition a very quiet instrument, and the electric piano should either be used quietly, or muted and with the earphones provided.

11 NB Basement Practice Room can be booked via the intranet and the keys signed out with the porters.


7 OB Basement Band Room

Instruments: 2 Yamaha keyboards, a Pearl Drumkit, microphones and amps.

The Band Room is soundproofed and can be used for individual practice or to rehearse with a band. The electronic equipment available in the room means it is useful for any band that needs amplification (e.g. with guitars) or a drumkit; the room is best suited to non-classical ensembles. Users should report any difficulties or breakages to the JCR Band Room officer

7 OB Basement Band Room can be booked with via the intranet and the keys signed out with the porters.

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