Mark Griffith

Richard Ellmann Fellow; Tutor in English
MA DPhil Oxf


Old and Middle English History of the English Language

Research Interests

His research interests are Old English poetry (particularly poetics and prosody) and Middle English alliterative poetry.

Selected Publications

  • Judith ed (Exeter 1997) 'The Old English Boethius' (Oxford 2008) [collaborative project)
  • ‘The Register of Divine Speech in Genesis A’, Anglo-Saxon England 41 (2013)
  • ‘On the Lexical Property termed “Rank” in Old English Poetry and its later development’, Notes and Queries 258 (2013)
  • ‘Old English Poetic Diction not in Old English Verse or Prose and the Curious Case of Aldhelm’s Five Athletes’, Anglo-Saxon England 43, pp. 99-131 (2014)
  • ‘Reading Chaucer in New College in the 1630s’, co-authors Phil Knox and Will Poole, Medium Aevum (forthcoming (2016))
  • ‘Alliterating Finites and the Origin of Rank in Old English Poetry’, in Old English Philology: Studies in Honor of R.D. Fulk, ed. Leonard Neidorf, Rafael J. Pascual, and Tom Shippey, Anglo-Saxon Studies (forthcoming (2016))
  • The Battle of Maldon: the Guile of the Vikings explained’, Notes and Queries (forthcoming (2016))
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