'My favourite of all my books so far' - Prof Jane Lightfoot publishes new work

Professor Jane Lightfoot, Charlton Fellow and Tutor in Classics here at New College, published her new book with Oxford University Press this month. 

'Pseudo-Manetho, Apotelesmatica, Books Two, Three, and Six' is the first commentary in any language on three of the books of ancient Greek astrological poetry ascribed to the Egyptian priest Manetho.

Professor Lightfoot gave us a brief introduction to the work: 

"The topic is ancient astrology, and the premise of the work is that if you can get past the bonkers-ness it is an absolutely priceless and almost completely under-researched source for ancient culture - attitudes and values, hopes, fears, and aspirations, attitudes to work, family relationships, mental and physical illness and the ways these were conceptualised, and much more. Its special interest is that it reflects attitudes that differ from those of the élites who produced the vast majority of ancient literature, and allows very different kinds of voice to be heard - even, occasionally, those of slaves and the un-free."

'Pseudo-Manetho: Apotelesmatica' front cover

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