New College has a one-month annual exchange research Fellowship with The Huntington Library in San Marino, CA, two blocks from Caltech in Pasadena. The month must be taken between 1 July and 30 June in any year. 

The Fellowship applications are judged with a leaning towards the use of the Library's holdings. The collection's strengths are in English history, American history, English literature, Drama, and History of Art. It also has a separate Librarian in the History of Science and has the Dibner Science Library recently transferred from MIT. The Library also has a secondary collection, which has strengths in areas that support the main holdings, and which tend to reflect the interests of the regular scholars. 

The College's intranet contains details on the terms and application procedure

Any questions should be addressed to Michael Burden

Current and Past Holders


New College

Alexander Laar

'Chancery, the Nobility and the Reformed Tradition in Early Seventeenth-Century England'

The Huntington

Taylor Prescott (University of Pennsylvania)

'Cooperation, Contestation and Identity Formation: A History of Interethnic Exchange in Sierra Leone (1775-1850)'



New College

Daniel Joseph Fried

'John Milton (1608-74) and the Uses of Ancient Learning'

The Huntington

Emily Schollenberger (Temple University)

'Shifting Sediments: Photography, Memory, and Imperial Landscape'



New College

Bradley Hoover

'Mystical Movements: Delsarte, Ruth St. Denis, and the Divinization of American Modern Dance, 1900-1930'

The Huntington

Madison Forbes (Fordham University)

'The Rhetorical Hermeneutics of Early-Modern Interpretive Communities'



Suspended during the Covid-19 pandemic.


New College

Ben Gilding

'Charles Jenkinson and the Eighteenth-Century Crises of Empire'

The Huntington

Charlotte Rossler (Stony Brook University)

'Race Science on Tour: Instructing Publics in Provincial Britain, 1830-1870'


New College

Katie McKeogh

'Gentleman Scholars: Catholicism and Antiquarianism, 1560-1660'

The Huntington

Tita Chico (University of Maryland, College Park)

'Technologies of Wonder in an Age of Enlightenment'


New College

Michael Burden

'Gazing at the Dancer: Dance, Image and Caricature and the London Opera House 1780-1830'

The Huntington

Adrian Finucane (Florida Atlantic University)

'Founding Georgia: Labor, Migration, and Utopianism in an American Borderland'


New College

Laura Marcus

'Rhythmic Subjects: The Measures of the Modern'

The Huntington

Sarah Leonard (University of Delaware)

'William Morris and the River Thames'


New College

Christy Edwall

'The Poetic Uses of Botanic Taxonomy from Erasmus Darwin to John Ruskin'

The Huntington

Anne Heminger (University of Michigan)

'Confession Carried Aloft: Music, Sound, and Religious Identity in London, 1540-1560'


New College

Ryan Hanley

'British Abolitionism and the War of 1812'

The Huntington

Neil Weijer (Johns Hopkins University)

'How England was Called Albion: The Legendary History of Britain in Script and Print c.1400-1575'