Miles Young, Warden

The Warden is head of house and in authority within the College. He chairs the Governing Body and other main committees. With the Fellows, the Warden formulates and implements policy within the overall strategy of the University and represents the College at Conference of Colleges.

Jane Lightfoot, Sub-Warden

The Sub-Warden is a one-year appointment that in 2022-23 is held by Prof. Jane Lightfoot. The Sub-Warden chairs a number of College committees, may represent the Warden at public and College functions, and plays a part in the broader public life of the College, especially in matters relating to the Development Office and the entertainment of College guests.

William Poole, Senior Tutor

The Senior Tutor's position has three elements: tutor for the fellows, tutor for the undergraduates and tutor for visiting students. The proper running of the College's tutorial system is the principal responsibility of the post. The first point of contact for undergraduates with academic needs (beyond those dealt with by their tutors) should be the Academic Registrar, in the Academic Office (4 OB 5).

Michael Burden, Dean and Pictures & Chattels Fellow

The Dean is in charge of the discipline of the College’s Junior Members. The role is wide-ranging, and although it excludes individual pastoral matters, does take account of the general welfare of Junior Members. Particularly, the Dean is concerned with matters of policy and with the College’s rules, which are set out in the College Handbook.

The Chattels Fellow is in charge of the College’s artwork and fittings, and administers the use of images of the College’s objects and the College’s loans to museums both in the United Kingdom and abroad. Those wishing to contact the Chattels Fellow should do so through the Chattels Fellow’s secretary, Jacqui Julier. Photographs and related reproduction rights of many of the College’s objects can be obtained from Bridgeman Images.

Ashleigh Griffin, Tutor for Graduates and Graduate Admissions

The Tutor for Graduates is a Fellow with special responsibility for the administration of the College in relation to the academic progress and pastoral affairs of postgraduate students. She is available at all times to discuss matters of concern with individual students, and hosts a number of social events during the year. She can be contacted through the Tuition office (4 OB 5 or at Graduates who need a signature or stamp on a university form should take it to the Tuition Office during working hours, or email The Tutor for Graduates comes in regularly to sign/stamp such forms. We are usually able to complete these forms quickly, but please allow at least 3 working days for this to be done. It may take longer to complete forms outside of term time.

Andrew Counter, Tutor for Undergraduate Admissions

Decisions about the admission of undergraduates are made by the subject tutors. The Tutor for Undergraduate Admissions organises and oversees the process of admission of undergraduate students, including organising Open Days and access events, receiving applications and arranging interviews. He is also responsible for the induction of new students at the beginning of their course. He is assisted by the Admissions Administrator.

Stephen Dimelow, Outreach Fellow

The Outreach Fellow is responsible for overseeing the College's wide range of outreach activities. He provides general support and guidance to the outreach team, and works closely with them to develop the outreach strategy so that capable students from all backgrounds see New College as a realistic next step. Within College, he reports to the termly Outreach Committee.

David Palfreyman, Bursar

The Bursar is the College Officer responsible for the endowment, the finances, and constitutional/legal matters. He also deals with student financial aid, and a range of grants and bursaries on offer from College. Appointments to see him should be made through his secretary, who works in the Bursar's Office (4 OB 1).

Gez Wells, Home Bursar

The Home Bursar (HB) is a Fellow with responsibility for the management of all domestic matters within College, including accommodation, catering and conferences in addition to HR, security and health and safety. He can be found on the ground floor of 4 OB, through the Assistant to the Home Bursar's office on the right hand side as you enter the staircase. He welcomes visits from students, normally without an appointment.

William Poole, Fellow Librarian

The Fellow Librarian liaises between the College's Governing Body and the professionals who run the library and archive.

Erica Longfellow, Chaplain

The Chaplain is a Fellow who is also a Priest in Holy Orders with responsibility for the Chapel Services. The Chaplain resides in College and presides over its religious life. She is also part of a College team concerned with pastoral care, which includes, for example, the Cox and Salvesen Junior Fellows, and the College Doctor. The Chaplain is happy to discuss matters of any sort with students.

David Parrott, Precentor

The Precentor has overall responsibility for the administration of the Chapel, and is the Secretary to the Chapel Committee. He is ably seconded in the day-to-day, detailed running of the Chapel by the Chapel Administrator, and enquiries about Chapel services and events, requests for use of Chapel, Antechapel or Cloisters by members of College should be addressed to the Chapel Administrator in the first instance.

Jonathan Black, Tutor for Welfare, IT Fellow

The Tutor for Welfare has overall responsibility for the policies and procedures for supporting the welfare of all undergraduate and graduate students of the college. New College has an informed and professional team for welfare, including the Peer Supporters, the Cox and Salvesen junior fellows, the Chaplain and the Home Bursar. More information is available on the Welfare page.

The IT Fellow advises college on the operating of the IT Office and represents the needs of both college IT users and suppliers, through the IT Sub-Committee and Governing Body.

Robin Lane Fox, Garden Fellow

The Garden Fellow is responsible for maintaining the Gardens in New College, which are regarded as some of the finest in Oxford - and, indeed, the country.

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