Health guidelines

Every year the University issues Health Guidelines to staff and students. These include information on meningitis, vaccinations, anaphylaxis, and sexual health. In the event of an epidemic or pandemic it may also release information on the advice of the Health Protection Agency.

Help with health costs

Some students are eligible for help with health costs on the grounds of low income (not just because you are a student) from the NHS Low Income Scheme. To apply for an HC2 certificate, you should complete form HC1 if you qualify for support. You will then receive help towards the costs of NHS prescriptionsNHS dental careEye care.

You can get a HC1 form from your GP surgery or dentist. Click here for more information about HC1 forms.

Occupational Health

For some courses, students may be required to undergo health screening from the University's Occupational Health Service. You will be advised by your College if this is a requirement of your course.


If you are entering higher education for the first time you should be vaccinated against Meningitis C, ideally before coming to the University. This applies to all new students, regardless of age. If you have not already been immunised before arrival, this can be done by your college doctor.

It is important to remember that this vaccination only gives protection against the group C strain of meningitis. You should be vigilant for the signs and symptoms of the group B strain of meningitis.

Vital Signs

Medical Services

To complement its primary role as a centre for learning, New College is committed to offering the best educational and pastoral support to its students. 


Severe cuts or broken limbs are best treated by the Emergency Department at The John Radcliffe Hospital (OUH). An Ambulance can be called on university premises by dialling 9-999 or alerting the Porters' Lodge on (2)79500. In the rest of the UK you can dial either 999 or 112.

Informing the College

If you are feeling unwell it is a good idea to let the Porter’s Lodge know so that relevant help/people can be informed if necessary.  All Porters are First Aid trained and must be informed in an emergency, to help deliver care and to ensure that paramedics are promptly directed when necessary. 

Minor Injuries & First Aid Units