How to Register with an NHS Doctor

Overseas students who are studying here for more than 6 months can register and have access to the UK National Health Services (NHS), after paying the immigration health charge when applying for their visa. Further details are available at 

Visiting students on courses longer than 6 months are eligible for NHS treatment (please see above for details). Those in Oxford for a course less than 6 months (in effect, less than 3 terms of study) will not be eligible for medical treatment under the NHS, and are required to make arrangements for private medical insurance before arriving in the UK.

You should make an appointment to see the College Doctor, who may be able to offer special private terms, but will be unable to offer consultation or treatment within the National Health Service unless your usual country of residence has a reciprocal health agreement with the UK.

Surgeries - Making an Appointment

28 Beaumont Street, Telephone: 01865 311811 - Access the Online Booking System

An appointment can be made by calling the surgery on 01865 311811 or by booking online. To book online you need first to open an EMIS account, and you can ring the surgery to arrange for this to happen. Should you need to cancel an appointment please let us know as soon as possible.

If at any time you wish to have a chaperone present during your consultation with either your doctor or nurse please do just ask.

Additional Links

For more information on charges for NHS treatment and exemptions for people visiting the UK, see the Department of Health’s website for overseas visitors.

Use this link to apply for a EHIC Card - European Health Insurance card.

NHS Numbers are normally available from 2nd Week.

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