21st Annual Oxford Dance Symposium

New College, Oxford

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The Timetable at a glance

Tuesday 23rd  
11:00 Registration, Coffee, Conduit Room
  I: Setting Directions - McGregor-Matthews Library, Chair:    Iris Julia Bührle

Uta Dorothea Sauer, Technische Universität Dresden

'"Dancing Words"? Mimetic Dance and its Text-interpretive Function'


Keith Cavers, Independent Scholar

'1831! - Annus Mirabilis: The Making of Modern Ballet'


Dominique Bourassa, Yale University

‘Terpsichore in the Spotlight of the Lumières: Dance in the Classification of Knowledge During the Age of Reason’

13:00 Lunch - The Hall
  II: Reading Documents - McGregor Matthews Library, Chair: Michael Burden

Olive Baldwin & Thelma Wilson, Essex

'Reading the Accounts: The Day-to-Day Life of the Lincoln's Inn Fields Dancers in 1726-7'


Dominique Bourassa, Yale University Library

'Jean-Étienne Despréaux, Bibliophile'


Tamara Caulkins, Oregon State University

‘The Science of Diagramming Dances and Military Drills in Enlightenment France'

16:00 Tea, Conduit Room
  III: Dance and Politics - Lecture Room 6, Chair: Uta Dorothea Sauer

Michael Burden, New College, Oxford

‘Spies, Lies, and Dancing at London's Opera House in the 1740s; New Clues to the Biography of M. Froment - or Mr Fremont - Mr Frument?'

  IV: Realisations, Lecture Room 6, Chair: Hannah Walsdorf

Jed Wentz, University of Leiden

'Actors, Dancers, Attitudes: In Search of Common Ground'


Barbara Segal, London

‘"'Tis not enough that ev'ry Stander-by, No glaring Errors in your Steps can 'spy:" From 'Reading the Page' to 'Reading the Dance''

19:00 Reception, Founder's Library
19:30 Dinner, Founder's Library
Wednesday 24th  
  V: Dancing in England, McGregor Matthews Library, Chair: Jennifer Thorp

Katarzyna Koźma, University of Wroclaw

‘Reading is Imagining: Dance Instructions for Sir Roger de Coverley and Perception of Space, Self, and Movement'


Natalie D. Kershaw, NDK Music Services

‘The Musician and the Dance: The Musical Interpretation of the Dance Using Playford's The Dancing Master'


Iris Julia Bührle, New College, Oxford

‘Foreign Flowers on British Soil: The ballet d'action in England'

11:00 Coffee, Conduit Room
  VI:Reading Writings, McGregor Matthews Library, Chair: Jed Wentz

Keiko Kawano, Université Sorbonne Nouvelle - Paris 3

‘Pantomime in Diderot's Drama'


Hanna Walsdorf, University of Leipzig

'Reading Taubert: References to his Published Writings on Dance, 1728-2019'


Annamaria Corea, Sapienza University of Rome

‘Reading History in Italian Ballet Scenarios: The Case of Louis Henry'

13:00 Lunch, Hall
  VII: Dancing in France (mostly), McGregor Matthews Library, Chair: Michael Burden

Gerrit Berenike Heiter, University of Leipzig

‘French Court Ballet Festival Reports; Or, How to Kindle the Imagination of the Reader'


Michael Lee, Trinity College, Dublin

‘Adapting Lully for the London Stage: Reading a Chaconne of 1698'


Tilden Russell, Southern Connecticut State University

‘"It's an S, It's a Z, It's... an L!": The Extra-ordinary Menuet ordinaire'


Linda Tomko, University of California, Riverside

‘Meanings Made with Dancing in Lat Motte and Campra's L'Europe galante: What can Reading Dancing, and an Affect Model, offer to analysis?'

16:00 Tea, Conduit Room