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We are keen to include in this number students studying straight Mathematics (both three- and four-year courses), Mathematics & Computer Science, Mathematics & Philosophy, Mathematics & Statistics, Computer Science, and Computer Science & Philosophy. 

What we look for

A good mathematician is naturally inquisitive and will generally take advantage of any opportunity to further their mathematical knowledge. 

We are most interested in a candidate's potential to think imaginatively, deeply and in a structured manner about the patterns of mathematics. 

Tutors' research interests

Our tutors' research interests are in Numerical Analysis, Number Theory and Stochastic Analysis, and their teaching interests cover a wide range of Applied Mathematics, Pure Mathematics and Statistics. Dr Volker Halbach, a Logician and Fellow in Philosophy at New College specialises and teaches in the areas of Philosophy taken during the first two years of the Mathematics & Philosophy course. Computer Science students and joint course students in Mathematics & Computer Science are tutored for Computer Science by Dr Geraint Jones.

The Savilian Professor of Geometry, Professor Frances Kirwan, F.R.S., holds a Fellowship at the College, as does Professor Marcus du Sautoy, O.B.E., who is Simonyi Professor for the Public Understanding of Science. There is often also a Junior Research Fellow in Mathematics.

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