The joint course enables you to take one or two papers in the history of ancient Greece or Rome for your first exam after three terms, and up to four papers of Greek or Roman history out of the eight which you take for your final exam after three years.

The combination of Ancient and Modern options is a particular advantage when taking the first-year paper on great masters of the art of writing history. It also helps with many of the subjects presented for a pre-submitted essay which is at present a part of the final exam.

See also the History subject entry.

Applicants are assessed against applicants for Modern History and should be taking an A-level in Modern History or Ancient History or both.

Knowledge of Latin or Greek is not required for entry, but familiarity with one or other ancient language at any level is helpful. Prior study of Ancient History is not a requirement.

New College would normally expect successful applicants to be taking History at A-Level, or its equivalent qualifications. Candidates are in addition expected to offer two further A-Levels or equivalents in any academically rigorous arts or science subjects. There is no requirement to have qualifications in foreign languages to apply for the History degree, but obviously they are an asset in subsequent study.

For further information on how to apply, entrance requirements and selection criteria, please see the University websitethe Faculty of History’s website and the Faculty of Classics' website.



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