New College usually accepts three or four candidates a year to read the four-year course in Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry. This course should be particularly attractive to students with an interest in understanding biological phenomena at the cellular and molecular level. A flair for chemistry, as well as an interest in living systems, is essential, and the course as a whole provides a rigorous training in a discipline that underpins much of the rapid progress that is taking place in the life sciences. 

Particular features of the course include: a first year providing the molecular background that is essential for understanding contemporary developments in the subject; a final examination that is taken in two parts, at the end of the third and fourth years; and a fourth year that includes a 23-week research project in one of the many biochemical laboratories in the University.

Professor Ratcliffe, the College's Tutor in Biochemistry, has research interests in the structure and function of the plant metabolic network ( He provides tutorials throughout the course, but tutorials in the second and third years are also arranged with colleagues in the Department of Biochemistry to ensure access to appropriate specialist tuition. 

For further information on how to apply, entrance requirements and selection criteria, please see the University website and the Department of Biochemistry’s website.

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Please note that the New College Biochemistry tutor does not offer Skype interviews; and deferred entry applications should be made during a gap year and not before leaving school. 

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