Gaude (1960-1965)

Gaudes provide an opportunity for Old Members to return to college to reunite with their contemporaries. On the 22nd September, it is the turn of those who matriculated between 1960-1965. Due to Warden's Smith's Benefaction Gaudes are free in perpetuity, apart from a nominal charge for accommodation.


4.00pm-5.30pm: The day starts with afternoon tea in the cloisters.

6.00pm: Service in Chapel

7.00pm: Pre-dinner drinks in the Founder's Library (if wet), or on the grass in Front Quad (if dry)

7.30pm: Dinner in Hall (Black Tie)

Gaude (1960-1965)
September 2018
16:00 - 23:00
New College
Eligible audience
Invited relevant matriculation year groups
Dress code
Black Tie