New College Notes—issue 15 now published

James Gillray, ‘Ancient Music’, New College, Oxford, NCI 2555

Issue 15 of New College, Oxford’s scholarly open-access e-journal New College Notes (ISSN 2517–6935) is now published.


This latest issue includes articles on: New College’s collection of James Gillray print caricatures; palette and pigments of New College’s 13th-century De Brailes Psalter; John Farley’s finessing of New College’s manuscript copy of Ptolemy’s Almagesta; and New College Library’s copy of the first Edwardian prayer book.  Contributors include: Peter W. M. Blayney, Richard Gameson, Randall McLeod, Renae Satterley, and Alison Shell.


New College Notes is dedicated to learned notes (in the style of the Oxford journal Notes & Queries) and to scholarly articles on college history and the rich collections of New College Library and Archives, Oxford.  Potential contributors are invited to contact the Librarian.