Jean-Paul Carvalho

Jean-Paul Carvalho

Tutorial Fellow in Economics; Associate Professor of Economics
Economics and Management
Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE)
History and Economics
BEc (UWA), PhD (UWA), MPhil (Oxf), DPhil (Oxf)

Professor Carvalho is a Tutorial Fellow in Economics at New College and Associate Professor in the Department of Economics. He received his DPhil in Economics from the University of Oxford. Prior to his current position, he was Associate Professor at the University of California-Irvine in the Department of Economics and the Institute for Mathematical Behavioral Sciences.


Prof Carvalho tutors second year students in Microeconomics. 

Research Interests

Prof Carvalho's area of research is Political Economy and Social Dynamics. Combining game-theoretic models of population dynamics with historical analysis, his work studies the institutional context in which economic behaviour is embedded. 

Selected Publications

J.-P. Carvalho. Veiling. Quarterly Journal of Economics (2013), 128(1), 337-370.
J.-P. Carvalho. Identity-Based Organizations. American Economic Review: Papers and Proceedings (2016), 106(5), 410–414.
C. Binzel and J.-P. Carvalho. Education, Social Mobility and Religious Movements: The Islamic Revival in Egypt. The Economic Journal (2017), 127, 2553-2580.
J.-P. Carvalho and C. Dippel. Elite Identity and Political Accountability: A Tale of Ten Islands. The Economic Journal (2020), 130, 1995–2029.
J.-P. Carvalho and M. Sacks. The Economics of Religious Communities. Journal of Public Economics (2021), 201.
J.-P. Carvalho. Markets and Communities: The Social Cost of the Meritocracy. Journal of Institutional Economics, forthcoming.

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