The Erasmus Programme

The University of Oxford has successfully been awarded an Erasmus charter to take part in the programme, and New College warmly welcomes students taking part in this.

The Erasmus Programme offers students studying on relevant degrees funding towards a study exchange at our partner universities across Europe. Full details of the Erasmus Exchange programme (for both incoming and outgoing students) can be found on the University website.

The Maximilianeum Foundation

The Maximilianeum Foundation provides scholarships for university study and an academic community that in some ways resembles an Oxford college. It is a highly selective program, admitting the top six to eight students each year from Bavarian schools. They are chosen through a rigorous process, which includes two rounds of oral interviews, from the 35,000 students who qualify for university entrance annually in Bavaria.

The Foundation students live together in a building that also houses the Bavarian Landtag (state parliament). The students pursue degrees, usually at the Ludwig-Maximilian- Universität Munich, in a range of subjects in the humanities and sciences (excluding theology and medicine). At any given time, the Foundation houses around 40 to 50 students. They have common meals and participate together in sport and other activities, including annual trips to historical sites in Europe, and the Foundation sponsors academic meetings of various kinds.

The Foundation has exchange programmes with several universities in Europe and a handful of Oxford colleges, including New College, where students are encouraged to spend a year abroad. New College has a particularly strong record of accepting Registered Visiting Students reading Law as part of this exchange programme.

The Maximilianeum Foundation’s webpage is available here