All first-year Undergraduate, Graduate and Visiting Students come up to Oxford the week before their course begins and take part in an induction programme (also known as Freshers’ Week), which provides a wide range of information and guidance about life and study at New College and Oxford. Our students have also prepared a number of events to inform you and entertain you during this time. 

Freshers will be notified by email when their JCR, MCR and subject-related timetables are ready.

The Michaelmas Term Freshers' Week will run from Sunday 2 October 2022 for Graduate, Maximilaneum, Princeton and Erasmus students and from Monday 3 October 2022 for Undergraduate, WISC, University of Notre Dame, Amherst and Tsinghua students.

JCR Undergraduate Freshers' Week (including Tsinghua, University of Notre Dame, Amherst and WISC visiting students)

New College Undergraduate Freshers' Week 

Undergraduate Subject-related Timetable

MCR Graduate Freshers' Week (including Erasmus, Princeton and Maximilaneum visiting students) 

New College Graduate Freshers' Week

All Freshers are expected to attend the New College Freshers Week workshops, although there is an opt-out letter for the consent workshop on the Freshers' webpage.