Andrew Ramos

Andrew Ramos

Christopher Cox Junior Fellow
BSc (Syracuse), DPhil (Oxf)

Andrew attained his Bachelor of Science in Bioengineering at Syracuse University and completed his DPhil in Medical Sciences, under the supervision of Professor Tatjana Sauka-Spengler and Dr Yale Michaels. 

He has previously worked on wide range of projects, including those in bone and skin tissue engineering. As a Digital Innovations Project Officer at The Hill, an accelerator based at the John Radcliffe Hospital, he contributed to research assessing the ‘digital health’ ecosystem within Oxfordshire whilst developing a course to introduce clinicians to innovations within healthcare, including machine learning and novel remote monitoring technologies.



He has conducted tutorials in genomics based techniques, such as DNA- and RNA-sequencing, and tools to perturb the genome, including RNAi and CRIPR/Cas9. 


Research Interests

My research interests lie within synthetic biology, gene therapy, and cancer immunotherapy. My current work investigates chimeric antigen receptor T cells (CAR-T cells). In particular, I use synthetic tools and genomics approaches (e.g. single cell RNA sequencing) to understand and model how CAR expression levels impact the T-cell response and transcriptome - and CAR therapy.



  • Ramos, A, Simon, S., Rajan, A., Siller, J.S., Revale, S., Pelea, O., Fulga, T., Dushek, O., Riddel, S., Michaels, Y† and Sauka-Spengler, T†. CAR expression levels determine T cell transcriptional identity and function. In submission. †denotes equal contribution
  • Reidy, C., A’Court, C., Jenkins, W., Jani, A., Ramos, A., Morys-Carter, M., Papoutsi, C. ‘The plural of silo is not ecosystem’: qualitative study on the role of innovation ecosystems in supporting ‘Internet of Things’ applications in health and care. Digital Health 9 (2022)
  • Sawyer, S., Dong, P., Venn, S., Ramos, A., Quinn, D., Horton, J., Soman, P. Conductive gelatin methacrylate-poly(aniline) hydrogel for cell encapsulation. Biomedical Physics & Engineering Express 4, 015005 (2018). 
  • Suvarnapathaki, S., Ramos, R., Sawyer, S., McLoughlin, S., Ramos, A., Venn, S., Soman, P. Generation of cell-laden hydrogel microspheres using 3D printing-enabled microfluidics. Journal of Materials Research 33, 2012-2018 (2018).
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