Gaude for Matriculation Years 2009-2011

You should have now received your invitation by post which was sent in December 2019.

Please note that places are allocated on a first come, first served basis. Gaude events are extremely popular so if you have not received an invitation to your Gaude, please contact us on the me below.


Saturday 21 March 2020

4.00pm -5.30pm - Afternoon Tea in the Cloisters

6.00pm - Evensong in Chapel

7.00pm - Pre-dinner drinks in The Founder's Library (if wet) or on the grass in the Front Quad (if dry)

7.30pm - Dinner in Hall (Black Tie)

Sunday 22 March 2020

8.00-9.30am - Breakfast in Hall

For any enquiries please contact Jonathan Rubery in the Development Office on



(Please note that the list below reflects those that ticked the box on the reply card, or have informed us otherwise, that they give New College permission to display their name on the List of Those attending)


Scott Ansell

Amy Bond

Caroline Curtis

Jack Duckworth

Juliet Duckworth (née Raperport)

Agnes Elliott

Alison Firth

Sophia Gibber

Katherine Haigh (née North)

Josiah Halstead

Laura Hancox 

Alexander Harris

Joseph Hitchen

Owen Hutchin

David-Jason Gordon

Charles MacRae

Victor Mallet 

Bonolo Mathibela

Alice McCallum

Rachel McCarthy

Adam Murray

Tim Newman

Ros Ogilvie-Smith

Chiara Quadranti

Lauren Rapeport

Poppy Sharp

Emily Stewart

Rachel Sullivan

Patrick Thill

Laura Voak


Timothy Anderson 

Henry Ashwell

Rachel Becker

Rosanna Beckett

Annabelle Bonham

Mark Burnett 

Alana Burton

Michael Dacomb

Benjamin Darnell

Patrick Edmond

Frederic Fulton

Silvia Gawronski 

Jonny Green

Pernille Hanehoj

Sarah Hyams

Holly Hewlett

Robert Hunt

Paul Jewell

Edith Johnson

Dan Laking

Matthew Mills

Georgia Mizen

Rebecca Phillips

Christopher Pollitt

Rachel Shepherd

Harriet Stoner

Simon Teasdale

Kartikeya Tripathi

Robert van Wijk

Anuj Wali


Lauren Burton

Benjamin Bussman

Alexander Chance

Isabel Cooper

Sam Cross

Eleanor Davidson

Charles Davies 

Jacob Day

Michael Drewett

Dominic Foord 

Joseph Head

Yasmin Hemmings

Nathan Jones

Wilf Jones 

Laura Kennedy 

Samuel Lin 

Lisa Loerup

Adrien Mallevays

Giles Masters 

Rachel Mumford

Charlotte Nixon

Helen Norris

Andrew North

Jamie Parker

Alexandra Pike

Rosie Powell Davies

Josephine Rabinowitz

Poppy Rimington-Pounder

Minyoung Seo

Jacob Shah

Sam Sharp

Claudia Snudden

Kate Tallon

Laura van der Erve

Alexandra Wakefield

Lourdes Webb

Timothy Williams


March 2020
16:00 - 23:59
New College
Eligible audience
Matriculation Years 2009-2011
Dress code
Afternoon tea: smart/casual, Dinner: Black Tie