The Timetable at a Glance 

Tuesday 19th    

10.30  Registration – Coffee – Conduit Room 

I:   Teaching Dance 1 - McGregor-Matthews Library Chair: Anne Daye 

11.00 Marie Glon, Université Lille 3 

‘Re-thinking “teaching dance”: The dancing masters and “dances in characters”’ 

11.30 Pilar Montoya, Conservatorio Superior de Castilla y León. COSCYL Universidad  Autónoma de Madrid. UAM 

‘An Unedited Source for Spanish Baroque Dance: The Nicolas Rodrigo Noveli  Manuscript (Madrid, 1708)’ 

12.00  Fabienne Lagrange, Bordeaux Montaigne University 

‘Teaching dance in the South West of France, 1600-1830’ 

12.30  Joanna Jarvis, Birmingham City University 

‘The Manners-making Crew’ 

1.00  Lunch – The Hall 

II: The Dancing Body  - McGregor-Matthews Library  Chair: Iris Julia Bührle 

2.00  Lindsey Drury, University of Kent at Canterbury 

 ‘What is Walking and How to Do It: Textual Estrangement and Experiential   Anatomy in the work of John Weaver’ 

2.30  Domenico Pietropaolo, St. Michael’s College, University of Toronto 

‘John Weaver’s Biological Mechanics of Grotesque Dance’ 

3.00  Keiko Kawano, Osaka University, Japan   ‘Dance pedagogy in Letters (1760) by J-G Noverre: The originality of the body of the dancer’    

18th Annual Oxford Dance Symposium ‘Teaching Dance’  New College, Oxford, 19 & 20 April 2016                 

The Timetable at a Glance  

3.30  Sergey Alferov, Fellow UKA, Scottish Country and Scottish Step dance branches 

‘The art of being ‘natural’ in Francis Peacock’s Sketches (1805)’ 

4.00  Tea – Conduit Room 

III:  Teaching dance in institutions – Lecture Room 6  Chair: Michael Burden 

4.30  Iris Julia Bührle, University of Oxford 

  ‘Teaching dance to would-be nobles, gods and shrews: dance lessons in ballets’ 

5.00  Dóra Kiss, IreMus / Paris; HEM / Genève 

‘The Ludus pastoralis, a Jesuit school ballet (1734)’ 

5.30  Ricardo Barros, Royal Academy of Music, with Nicolette Moonen, Royal Academy of Music 

‘Quarrelling Brothers: The establishment of the Académie Royale de Danse  and changes in dance teaching’   

6.00  Workshop 1: Ricardo Barros - ‘Amongst mouvements and retakes: choreomusical relations’ 

6.30 Workshop 2: Anne Daye - ‘A plain and easy cotillon’    

7.00  Reception – Founder’s Library  

7.30  Dinner – Founder’s Library  

18th Annual Oxford Dance Symposium ‘Teaching Dance’  New College, Oxford, 19 & 20 April 2016                 

The Timetable at a Glance 

Wednesday 20th  

IV:  Networks and Networking - McGregor-Matthews Library  Chair: Joanna Jarvis  

9.00  Samantha Owens, Victoria University of Wellington 

                ‘“Here No Rank is to be Observed”: The Role(s) of Dancing Masters and Dancing   Nobility in German Courtly Ballets, 1650–1700’ 

9.30  Madeleine Inglehearn, London 

‘Gentleman or Tradesman, the position of the Dancing Master at the royal courts of Europe in the 17th and 18th centuries’ 

10.00  Uta Dorothea Sauer, Technische Universität, Dresden     ‘Network of Dancing Masters in German Speaking Areas (1600-1750)  

10.30 Coffee – Conduit Room  

V:  Teaching Dance 2 - McGregor-Matthews Library  Chair: Michael Burden 

11.00 Mary Collins, Royal Academy of Music and Royal College of Music     ‘Hay Foot and Straw Foot: The Dublin Dancing Masters’ 

11.30 Keith Cavers, Independent Scholar 

  ‘All Kit and Tight Trousers: The Image of the Dancing Master in Art and   Caricature’ 

12.00  Anna Mouat, University of Calgary, Canada  

‘Taking Stock of the Tourne Hanche: Training or Torture?’ 

12.30 Theresa Buckland, University of Roehampton 

                     ‘Teaching the people to dance in Victorian England’ 

18th Annual Oxford Dance Symposium ‘Teaching Dance’  New College, Oxford, 19 & 20 April 2016                  

The Timetable at a Glance 

1.00  Lunch – The Hall 

VI:  Social dances - McGregor-Matthews Library  Chair: Jennifer Thorp 

2.00  Anne Daye, TrinityLaban, London, and The Historical Dance Society 

‘Cotillons made Plain and Easy in an Accurate and Practicable Manner’ 

2.30  Joseph Fort, King’s College, London 

‘The Danced Minuet in 1790s Vienna’  

VII:  Caricatures and Portraits 

McGregor-Matthews Library  Chair: Samantha Owens 

3.00  Michael Burden, New College, Oxford  

 ‘What she did during the interval: The dancer Mercandotti and a “young man of    large fortune”’ 

3.30  John Gill, Independent Scholar  

 ‘Lithographed Portraits in the Dance Collections of the Houghton Library’   

Symposium ends