Arranging Payment

College charges (‘Battels’) are payable by mid-day of the Friday of Week 1 of each Term. Your battels statement will be emailed to you at the beginning of 0th Week in each term and early August. It is your responsibility (i.e. not that of your Mum and Dad!) to make financial arrangements that allow you to be able to pay battels by the due date. If you are unable to pay your fees or battels by the deadline or you are in financial difficulty please do let us know. 

If you are not able to pay at once, please make an arrangement via the Bursar’s P.A. Telephone: 01865 (2)79550 or email the Student Finance Officer
If you have genuine financial difficulties, College will be sympathetic and helpful.

If battels are not paid by noon on Friday of Week 1 in each Term, a flat-rate £5.00 late-payment charge will be imposed wherever the student concerned has not already contacted the Bursar or emailed to make  agreement for delayed payment. A reminder email will be dispatched as a reminder at the beginning of Week 2, requesting payment of battels. If battels are not then paid by Friday of Week 2, a further charge of either £10.00 or £20.00, depending on the size of the battels debt, will be applied, and the debt will start to accrue interest from the start of Week 4 at 5% above the current Base Rate. It is much cheaper to come and discuss the problem than to hide your head in the sand! Failure to pay by the end of Week 3 will also lead to the student concerned being ‘crossed’; meaning that all credit facilities in College will be withdrawn.

If you are paying by cheque, please ensure that you have sufficient funds in your bank account, as any cheque returned from the bank will incur a £10 admin fee.

Failure to clear battels by end of the Term, or to agree an instalment arrangement with the Bursar, may mean that access to College residential accommodation is denied with effect from the start of the following Term, and in due course if may also mean that the individual’s membership of College is terminated.

Course Fees

Failure to pay via College the University course academic fee may mean that the University will in due course deny access to its facilities (the Bodleian Library, faculty/departmental libraries, computing facilities, laboratories, lectures, examinations). Once this has happened, it could be that New College will decide that your membership of New College should be suspended or terminated on the grounds that a student barred from University facilities can no longer comply with College’s requirement that students must pursue diligently their course of study, including attendance, where appropriate, at University lectures, laboratory practicals, etc. Similarly, a student who is ineligible to take University examinations also cannot fulfil the purpose of the Junior Member - New College relationship: i.e. New College accepts students to prepare them for the University examinations. Once again, College is sympathetic to hardship, and any student, who anticipates difficulty in paying the University academic fee, or in meeting battels, should arrange to discuss the matter with the Bursar before the Friday of Week 1 deadline for payment of battels. Further details of University and College Fees can be found in the ‘Financial Guide for Undergraduates’.

How to Pay 

We do not accept any cash payments.

Cheques -  payable to ‘New College' write your member number (found on battels statement) on the back of cheque. They can be left in the letterbox  outside the Bursary

Online at the Meal and Payment Website -  Login using your Single Sign On.  Click on the Fees and Charges tab and enter your payment details.

International payments can also be made online in your local currency via Flywire. Along with a number of other Colleges, we have recently joined up with Flywire who are an easy-to-use payment solution that provides international payers with a streamlined payment experience

Western Union Globalpay for Students. For further information and a quote for battels and fees due in your local currency please go the link Please use your member number as reference

Till account Top-ups can be made online at the Meal and Payment Website by clicking on the EPOS tab and entering your payment details. Details of your EPOS transactions can also be seen on the web page

If you have any queries or require log in details  then please email the Student Finance Officer

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