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The Balzan Centre for Cosmological Studies

The goal of the Balzan Centre for Cosmological Studies is to encourage and facilitate greater study of cosmology. 

It does this by providing grants for young researchers in the field, hosting them in the College and helping them establish international links with interested institutions, existing subject experts, and fellow young researchers. 

The Centre is a collaboration between: 

  • New College, University of Oxford
  • The Astrophysics Department, University of Oxford
  • The Department of Physics and Astronomy, John Hopkins University
  • Institut d'Astrophysique, Paris

For more information, please visit the Balzan Centre for Cosmological Studies website


The Oxford Centre for the Analysis of Resource-Rich Economies (OxCarre) was established to become a "global centre of excellence to analyse the economics of resource rich countries."

With the researchers embedded in the College, the Centre both acts as a network for researchers and publishes its own original research in the area in the attempt to help inform existing and future policy design. 

For more information about OxCarre, please visit the website

The Oxford Institute of Charity

It has recently been announced that New College will host the new Oxford Institute of Charity

The Oxford Institute of Charity is a collaboration with Charity Futures, the independent think tank which seeks to preserve the long term sustainability of charities, and it will be the first research centre in the world to focus on the study of charity. 

The new Oxford Institute of Charity will be tenants of the tower in New College's Gradel Quadrangles once it is finished in 2022. Prior to that, it will be preparing its programme, hiring an academic director, and raising funds for its future work. 

The Institute will be integrated into the academic life of the College. The intention is that it will help fund a series of Junior Research Fellowships which will explore different aspects of charity. This is of particular value to the College as we seek to ensure that we are able to continue to nurture the next generation of academics. 

For more information, please visit the Oxford Institute of Charity website


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