Law with Law Studies in Europe is a 4-year degree course which combines the ‘regular’ 3-year law degree with a year of law studies in universities in France, Italy, Spain, Germany, or the Netherlands. Studies in France, Italy, Spain in Germany are conducted in the local languages, and hence involves a language proficiency requirement; studies in the Netherlands are conducted in English, and hence does not involve a language proficiency requirement.

For further information on how to apply, entrance requirements and selection criteria, please see the University website and the Faculty of Law's website.

For law, please see the Law subject entry.

Places Available

Candidates for Law with Law Studies in Europe first have to be selected for admission by the college, and then selected for the 4-year course by a Law Faculty Selection Committee, following nomination by the college . Those of our successful law candidates who have applied for the 4-year course would usually be nominated by the college for consideration by the Selection Committee for a place on the 4-year programme. If rejected by the Committee, they would still be offered a place on the 3-year Law degree. As the allocation of places on the 4-year course depends on the Faculty committee, the places available vary from year and are not under the control of the colleges.